Sunday, 10 April 2011

I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 10.30pm. So tired that I was going to post quickly before I went to sleep but it never happened. Just a solid 9 hours of sleep through to 7.30am this morning.

That's what 4 and a half hours sleep on Friday night followed by a day at the office will do for you.

Friday was this week's indulgent meal, but curry without the alcohol isn't so bad. I dipped into my flex points and it was fine.

Yesterday's eating was a bit of a jumble a banana grabbed from the boy's flat as I left because there was no time for anything else, a Double Decker grabbed at the garage on the drive back to Bristol from Malvern as I was beyond starving and it was what there was (rural garage). I did stop and make myself a proper lunch to take to the office once I was back at the flat though. We get lunch provided when we work weekends but it's rarely healthy, so I took a sandwich and a yoghurt with me.

The Rules for April go something like this:

• take your lunch at the weekends - save yourself.
• if you're going to have an ice-cream in the unseasonably warm weather make sure that you just have what you actually want - don't bother with unnecessary cones etc, and savour your treat.
• walk in the sunshine. A little bit of exercise is infinitely better than none at all!

After work I watched the Grand National - my horses didn't win, but I was glad to see them both finish safe and sound. I found myself so sad that this was one of the bad years when two didn't make it - I know that there's always a risk with big races but it's heartbreaking when it happens. Such big, beautiful creatures and they give everything to the race and then there's just ... nothing. All over for them so quickly.

I wasn't terribly hungry last night, which was probably a good thing as there was absolutely bugger all in my fridge. After a quick wander to the local supermarket, I had a nice light stir-fry and fell into bed.

So not much to report really.

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