Friday, 1 April 2011

Keeping Going

This week didn't go entirely to plan.  Having managed the seemingly impossible task of a weekend of pretty much on-track eating, I then made a few mistakes, and the result is that, yet again, the scales have bounced back up again.  No surprise there.

But rather than sobbing into my zero point soup about it (or worse still, a big bag of chocolate), I've looked on my mistakes as lessons learned.  Mistakes I will now try and avoid making again.  OK, so I bought popcorn for the cinema on Tuesday night but ended up having the most extravagent dessert instead at the cinema's restaurant.  Fine - don't let it happen often, but more importantly, stop when you've had enough and don't keep going just because there's some left.  And ok, so I ate the popcorn on Wednesday after my run, and then it turned out to be 12 points when I tracked it, not the approx 6 points, I thought it would be.  Well, now I know.  And it's another reminder why working out the points first is a good idea.

On the good side of this week, I didn't wait til today to start repairing the damage.  The week might have been a write-off in terms of the weigh in, but that didn't mean I could just discard yesterday as last day of the week - it will just count towards this week instead.  And away from the scales, I'm still amazed at the changes in myself.  Apart from the fact I'm a size 14 now, when I started at a solid 18-20, there's the fact that after my run on Wednesday evening, one of the girls working late asked me how far I'd run when I got back to pick up my bag.  Somewhere along the line, I became the kind of person who can reply casually-ish that I just ran 6 miles.  In not a lot over an hour.  An hour of running??  And on a week night, just because I felt like it.  I never thought I would be that person.

Also achieved this week has been a new car!  Yes, I have finally gotten rid of that unreliable heap of junk they call a Corsa (although not without some sadness - you can't help but feel a little nostalgic for a car you've spent 4 years commuting over 70,000 miles in), and now have a shiny new Citroen C1 sat in my garage!  It's been a bit stressful, but it's all done, and with a chunk of money to put towards my credit cards too. And after several phonecalls and a lot of time on call-waiting, I've managed to track down and recover a chunk of change that the AA owed to me too.  Not a bad week on the money front - just got to make sure it all reaches the intended destination, otherwise it'll be rather like doing all the hard work of the run, and blowing it on popcorn afterwards ... oh no, wait a minute ... I already did that! :o)

Off up to Northampton this weekend for my friend Bridget's birthday - should be nice and relaxed with some gentle pub walks  (yay!), and much cake (to resist ... booooo!).  It's a good job the walks are going to be gentle though - I went to Fitball class at the gym yesterday, and after 45 mins of toning and strength exercises with a Swiss ball, I can't flaming move today!

Happy weekend, folks!

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Seren said...

That dessert sounded amazing, and once in a while does no harm.

I am so full of awe and wonder at your running - well, your general commitment to fitness. It's inspirational!