Monday, 18 April 2011

Lazy, Sunny Days


It's been a long time since I've had a weekend that was that off-track with the eating.  A hands-up-I-admit-it-free-for-all weekend of eating.  Which come to think of it, wasn't even a whole weekend since it only lasted from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Either way though - this weekend was an utter write-off, and probably this week's weigh in will be too, as a result.  It's Monday, 3 days into my tracking week, and I've currently got a 69 point deficit on the week, but whatever the why's, how's and (probably more) why's, the weekend is done and today is a fresh day to go back to normal.  Maybe I blew out because it had been so long since I stopped caring and cut loose, but I'm over it now. 

Today is normal eating and Body Balance at lunchtime.

And good things happened at the weekend too ... let me share ....

For a start we went to a burlesque show on Saturday night, and it was stunning.  Amazingly talented women (and a male magician), sparkling costumes and fun all round.  I think I might be a little bit in love with those women :o)  And refreshing to see a show where the women, whilst all beautiful (seriously stunning) were very definitely all shapes and sizes.

After the burlesque, we went to a house-warming party at my old flat.  Ummmmm, yes, I think carnage is probably the best word.  I've never actually seen a blender started without the lid on before, but it does look exactly like on tv, with pina colada flying all around the kitchen (thank god I was stood just outside the kitchen and therefore just outside the drop zone - phew!!).  There were tantrums, laughter (sometimes hysterical), arguments and friends making up.  What a party!  Despite not drinking, I lasted til 5am and was amongst the last still standing, but my head was absolutely caning yesterday as a huge overdose of Diet Coke caught up with me .... I might as well have been drinking for the hangover I was feeling!

We spent yesterday lounging round in the park and our friends' garden.  Unfortunately, I'd totally misjudged my packing, as I hadn't looked at the weather forecast, so only had jeans and a long-sleeve top with me.  I headed into the Fat Face store in town in search of something cooler to wear, and due to a lack of sizes in a couple of things I liked, I timidly took a size 12 of a dress and skirt into the changing room.  I didn't acutally expect either to fit, but they did!  I mean, they were snug, but not by much.  Twelves!!!  I have a few size 12 jumpers, but not properly fitted dresses and skirts.  As it happens, I wanted something to wear right then and there, and didn't have the right bra for the dress, so I bought a different skirt in my usual size 14, on the basis that the skirt can be belted so should last out the summer anyway, but it made me happy.

After that, it was a rug in the garden, my book, friends, a picnic lunch (such a danger zone, I got talked into fresh baguette, pate and falafel, instead of just picking up a sandwich), and then Sunday roast on the lawn in the evening.  Such an idyllic day.

Hope you all had fab weekends!


Seren said...

Sounds like you had a fab time and that is the most important thing sometimes. And SO exciting re size 12s! Well done you!


Peridot said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. And 12s! Respect....