Friday, 29 April 2011

Weekends Past and Present

I have a lovely ginger cake (well, I hope it’s lovely anyway) cooling on the top of the oven at the moment.  That’s going to be my contribution to the lunch buffet for tomorrow’s wedding celebrations.  I’m heading round to the house of one of the girls I work with (yay – a new friend!) to watch over there, with a few others (I assume), and I was requested to bring cake.  So cake I have made!

This weekend’s looking set to be a car-crash of “oh crap, I have too many things to do and not quite enough time to do them”On the agenda:

  • training run with intervals;
  • get to Sarah’s house in Clifton Village by 10 – 10.30 am for wedding watching (with cake);
  • buy Lissa’s 30 birthday present;
  • meet friends for a drink / catch up in Malvern;
  • get to Kiddiminster to see Jo for walking / talking / films;
  • have Sunday tea with my Dad;
  • get back to Bristol and arrange to do something with Liz (another friend from work – wooohooo – two new friends!)

And I also need to squeeze in a second run around Sunday time, and of course, some sleeping.  So, if you’re feeling tired just thinking about it, here’s some idyllic pictures from last weekend’s awesomeness.

  P1010251 P1010262 P1010268 P1010275P1010277P1010248

They are, in order, the gang sat in the central square in St Davids, St Davids’ Cathedral with Bec having fun on the steps, the evening sun through some dandelions,  sunset over the campsite, proof that big boys are never too old to play on little boy’s bikes, and my lovely (still new) little car next to my tent ….. which lead to much speculation over whether the car would fit in the tent … we suspect yes, but it’s probably a good job we didn’t try and actually find out!

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Zanna said...

Love the way you've done your photos here xx