Thursday, 14 April 2011

I am so damn tired right now.  I've just finished an 11.5 hour day in the office, which comes off the back of two 12 hours days already this week.  And then we have the weekend ... when I'll also be working.  It's not just the hours though, it's the constant stress during these periods - I start every morning in the office by writing my to-do list for the day - right now, it's the length of the page each day, and it doesn't matter how many things I tick off, it's right back down to the bottom of the page the next day.

And the people???  Oh good god - don't get me started on the people!!  Not my team - they're lovely, but some of our clients around the business are a freaking nightmare - they just do not understand what we're trying to do, or in some cases, just stubbornly cling on the old ways and refuse to learn.  I've spent a large chunk of the last 2 days trying to sort out other people's cock ups .... not a happy Sue.

So in between juggling my deadlines, other ongoing project work, and Emergency Cock-Up Rescue for others, I feel pretty proud of having got my exercise in, and not being too wide of the mark on my eating either.  It feels like a far cry from the old days when I would have coped by eating sweeties and feeling sorry for myself.  Not that I don't feel sorry for myself, but I do some of it while pounding (slowly) round the harbour on my lunchbreak, or being yelled at in circuits.

Sadly, the Bastard Scales do not seem to want to reflect any of this hardwork and committment to the cause, and stubbornly remain about 2lbs above the weight I'd like to see this week, which would preferably be something new and lower than the 12st 2lbs I've been stuck at for a few weeks now.  And I rather suspect that none of that will have changed by tomorrow morning.  I partly blame eating so late in the evening's when I get home, and partly the Bastard Scales' stubborness to show me anything I want to see.

But there is a bright light, because the scales do not tell the whole story in this case.  I wore my black trousers to work earlier in the week, and although they've been getting a bit big for a while now, I noticed that there really was a lot of spare space around the hips, bum and legs on Tuesday.  I didn't actually put it down to much though, until I got dressed this morning, and noticed that my pencil skirt definitely seemed to have more room in than last time. 

Just got to keep the exercise up (oh god - does that mean more Brutal Circuits next week???) and keep my eating at least mostly reined in, and I'm sure we'll see something soon.

Other than that, I've had a rest day today.  I've got to the point where I can't remember the last time I didn't have aching muscles from working out, and whilst I'm sure that's an excellent thing, I thought it was time to take it easy and let it subside.  Tomorrow, I'll either do early morning or lunchtime spin, depending on how it fits around my work timetable.  And then it's on to a new week of eating, working, working out and sleeping, and the last week of no drinking for Lent.


Linz M said...

Work sounds hideous for you, good on you for keeping it together. And great news about your clothes feeling looser, I think that's a better reflection than this damn scales (I'm still battling with mine!).

Hope your weekend of working is not too awful x

Love Cat said...

Love it! Love your attitude. I find it so easy to let the number on the scales dictate my attitude. I need to take a leaf out your book and take pleasure from the other positive changes.

How you are fitting everything into your hectic schedule is beyond me. What a superstar!