Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mmmmm ... sunshine!

Afternoon all - and are you not loving the glorious Spring sunshine and warmth outside??? Amazing!

Yesterday was pretty good for eating - bang on, in fact, aside from helping myself to some Cadbury Buttons from my friend's share-size bag at the cinema last night.  Nothing too catestrophic though.  Other than that, it was all groovy and well controlled.  We opted for an evening of supremem girliness and went to see Chalet Girl ... seriously - the option of taking a season out and being a chalet-bitch (once I get my finances back on track) is uber-tempting.  I'm not afraid of hard work and cleaning, and I can definitely cook - I nearly took time out from my career to go and do a season abroad a while ago, but plans change and I ended up in Costa Rica last summer instead ..... I am seriously, seriously still considering some adventures though.

Yesterday lunchtime, saw Liz and I dragging our unwilling backsides outside for a slow 5km round the harbour - ploddy and comfortable (and hence the non-panic over the Buttons last night), and another day's exercise ticked off.  I'm very tempted to walk home from work the long way round tonight (go right round the harbour instead of along) and get some evening fresh air and sunshine, since I haven't got any other activity planned for the day.

Keep on trucking in pursuit of healthiness, sunshine and fun! :O)


Linz M said...

It's amazing how a bit of sun can lift everyone's spirits. I am loving it.

Keep up the good work with the eating and the exercise :) x

Hetty said...

Ooh Chalet Girl sounds good I will have to go see it. I always wanted to do a ski season or perhaps watersports/sailing trip but something always got in the way. I could do it now but how do you even decide what to do/ where to go etc?