Friday, 8 April 2011

Helloooooo Friday!!!

Helloooo lovely people of the blogging universe, and may I just say, a Very Happy Friday to you all!

It turns out I love Friday's, even when I will be working Saturday, Sunday, and all the days thereafter.  For some reason, they just feel like a better day than the others.

First things first - the obligatory Friday weigh-in:  1.6lbs down on last week.  Yesterday was lower, I'm heading in the right direction (again), and as previously mentioned I'm at the start of a long period of all-work, all-training, anti-socialness, so I'm pretty confident that things will continue to head in the right direction.

Last night was my last personal training session for the time being, which was a bit bitter-sweet, as I get on really well with Rob, and he has a knack of pushing me.  It was a good session - nice to finish on a high.  We did a long rowing sprint (2km at pace, and a new best ever time for me of 8:39), hill intervals on the treadmill, and then circuits.  Rob was really understanding about me not being able to continue, but we've agreed that I can book one-off sessions as and when I've got a bit of spare cash for a bit of goal-setting and fresh ideas for training.

Up early this morning for spinning and abs at 6,45am, and like a muppet my inability to pack for the gym struck again.  This morning's moment of genius?  45 mins of very sweating cycling, 15 mins hard floor work, a lovely fresh shower .... and the realisation that I'd not packed a clean bra to put on afterwards.  Ewwwww!

So I had to put my wringing wet sports bra back on and walk back home to get changed again.  D'oh!  Fed up of walking, I decided to be a bit different and bike back to work.  Yes, I realise it's only a 12-15 min walk, so barely worth getting the bike out, but so lovely to be pedalling across the square and the bridge for a change!

Tonight, I'm bombing off back to Malvern (in the shiny new car!) for a birthday dinner for my friend Alex.  I'm really looking forward to it, as I haven't seen Alex or his wife Sarah for aaaaaaages, so it'll be really good to catch up with them and the other folks going.  Then back to Malvern first thing in the morning for work.  Ah well.

And totally the best thing about working my tail off in the morning, is that I've had a dirty baguette for lunch (bacon, blue cheese and caremellised onions if you will - oh my god, it was good!), and I'll have curry tonight, and still only put a fairly mild dent in my flex points for the week!  Love it! 

Right kids, the sun is shining, it's 5.01 and time I biked home, grab a change of clothes and shoot off to be a social animal for the last time this week!  Mwah - see you later! xx

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