Thursday, 7 April 2011

Looking Forwards

Yesterday was a great day for eating, although it was a rest day so no exercise other than walking between the office and home.  It was lovely enough to risk some more bare legs to work too - I'm loving that I can wear skirts and no tights comfortably from the start of the Spring / Summer this year!

I've got a personal training session this evening, and tonight marks my last session with Rob.  I'm kind of gutted, as these sessions really push me, and especially to do stuff I wouldn't try on my own.  I mean interval sprints on the treadmill?  Any interval training, in fact?  And kettlebells?  I'm going to miss our sessions.  But the truth is that I just can't justify £70 a month on top of my gym membership, right now.  Money's tight, I'm in debt, and I need to be practical about my expenditure.  Shopping for frivolous stuff like clothes has already been cut.  Holidays have been cut.  I've downsized my car.  I can't downsize my flat because of my contract.  My weekly budget is already squeezed, so it just doesn't make any sense to be paying £70 for 2 hours a month, when I'll do a workout of my own in that time anyway.  I just need to make more use of the classes like circuits and the gym floor classes where the numbers are small and you get a bit of individual attention.

No regrets though - it's down to me to make the best use of what I can afford.  And that's the gym, and running, and even biking.  There are clubs near me for both running and mountain biking, that are either free to join or £5 a year.  There are dance classes that are £36 for a 6 week term.  Surf clubs for £5 a year plus subsidised trips.  We're getting zumba at the gym later this month.  There's bikram yoga 10 mins from my house.  Lots of options, and all of them cheaper than personal training for the moment.  Hell, I could go and do British Military Fitness on Clifton Downs for cheaper than my training, and that would certainly give me a total beasting.

They say you regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did .... in that case I'd best get off my ass and go and try some stuff out!

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skinny latte said...

It's true, there are SO many options out there to keep the fitness regime interesting and fun, and they don't have to cost the earth.....and some of them are free!