Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Back on the bike

Yesterday went pretty much to plan ... apart from the dratted birthday cake, of which 2 small slices somehow insinuated their way into my mouth. Ummmm .... not sure how to excuse that, apart from to say it's very NICE cake, and somewhat healthy because it's got butternut squashes in it (ok, so it's less unhealthy), and that I intend to exercise more self-restraint later this evening in the face of the cake.

I got to spin last night, and busted a good sweat on the bike, as well as booking myself back in for Combat on Wednesday, so that's that part of my goals for the week being adhered to! I'm heading to the cinema tonight to see Bright Star (about the poet Keats), and I've planned a nice healthy, veg heavy dinner beforehand, which can be in the oven roasting whilst I bolt out for a quick run after work. Tick another point off my goals!

I was also good last night in two ways: firstly, I got back from spin and had a text asking if I wanted to go for home-made pizza next door with the boys. I wavered for 5 mins, thinking it would taste soooooo much nicer than my healthier, already pointed thin crust one from Pizza Express that I was planning to have for dinner, but in the end I stayed to eat mine as it was less points - tick! I also made myself get up off their sofa at 10pm, as I started to feel tired and GO TO BED, so I could get my 8 hours kip. Another tick and a gold star. Especially as the show we were watching was only halfway through and I missed the end.

So that's my life at the moment. I've got quiet nights with exercise planned til Thursday this week, then Fri I'm going to meet up with Jo, and Sat I'm off down to London to see some friends for a "quiet" night out in Clapham. Hopefully, I'm going to catch one of my schoolfriends, Koks, for coffee on Sunday on t'other side of Clapham Common and then crawl home for some sleep.

There are other things afoot in my life at the moment, things that make my stomach crawl with nerves, but I can't really talk about them yet. They're not bad, but they could potentially turn my whole life upside down, at least for a short time. I'll talk about them if anything happens (in fact you'd be hard put to miss them, if anything comes of it), but I may still yet bottle it, if I don't have the courage to see it through.


Suffice it to say, that a year ago, I felt the same way, but didn't have the courage to even think about it. I'm still not sure I do now - but they always say that you regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did do, right?

And I'll leave you on that cliffhanger.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Dumbass! You shouldn't have had two slices of birthday cake; you should have just had one really big slice. ;)

Slimming Sammy said...

Ooh very intriguing indeed, having courage is half the battle right? I'm trying to go to bed early now too. last night I went to bed at 12:45am thats pretty good for me but I sense theres still room for improvement LOL, and its good that the cake tasted nice, theres nothing worse than eating something that you then regret.

Tricia said...

Leaving us hanging huh? :)

Hope you have a great week!