Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Think before you eat

My food intake the last two days has been getting worse not better, so today I'm experimenting with taking pics of everything to force me to think before I eat. Less cake that way hopefully!!!

I did go for my run last night - just a short one of 20 mins to ease back into it. Surprisingly, it didn't feel too bad at all considering I've not run in about 2 months, so I've not lost too much fitness, and I was able to put a nice little sprint in to finish up. REALLY need some full length tights and a jacket for the winter though - it was bloody arctic out in the wind last night!!!

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Linz M said...

The photo thing definitely works! It forced me to stay on track when I considering goingr ight royally off the straight and narrow, its a lot easier to 'forget' what you've consumed if you aren't confronted with the evidence.

Very intrigued about your last post as well!! I love a cliffhanger :)


Rapunzel said...

Great idea on the pics, I've never tried that!

trio said...

Pictures, that's one I have not thought of!

I am just pleased I went shopping and bought nothing naughty and then came home and snacked on fruit!

Ready for dinner now though!

kate said...

that's a good idea but i've just realised i do take pictures and then eat the whole bloody cake!!!

glad to hear your back pounding the pavements. does this have anything to do with the thing you wont mention yet?