Thursday, 5 November 2009

Crash and Plan

Wow - I totally sucked at Combat last night. It was a really busy class, which I wasn't that keen on, as I literally had to check over my shoulder when I back-kicked to make sure I didn't thump my neighbour in the face. That kind of worry totally detracts from what should be an absorbing, focused work out.

Unfortunately, I also plunged headlong into the first four tracks full tilt and then completely crashed for the next four. Pure murder forcing myself to keep going and feeling unbalanced and unco-ordinated for it. I persevered and recovered my pace in the last couple of tracks, but not a great experience. I must make sure I pace myself better next class!

My eating's been a bit up and down this week - Tuesday wasn't so hot as we ate far too late on the way back from a shopping trip, and ate badly for it. I've also allowed some emotional comfort eating to creep in this week as I've been feeling a bit low, but aside from Tues I've reigned it in before I went over points. I don't know if 3 days clean eating out of 7 is enough to allow for a loss this week, but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.

On a side-note - shopping was a bit of a strange experience - for the first time that I can remember I was buying size medium tops. I still feel a bit like a fraud buying a medium but they all fit, so maybe not!


I keep making the mistake of setting myself goals that are numbers related. And I keep failing them. After extensive reading of some fabulous blogs, I finally concede that I'm going about it all wrong. That there's no point trying to change the outcome without trying to change the process. So I'm going to set myself some new goals ... with not a scale number or measurement in sight. And I'm just going to start with a week at a time.

So, for this coming week this is what I'm thinking:

• I'm going for dinner to an Indian restaurant. I'm going to practice good eating behaviours and make sure I don't just hoover up all the food in sight - so I'm going to make sure I consciously leave some food on the plate. I'm also not drinking.
• I'm on holiday next week - so there's going to be a reappearance of the Croatia Journal. I will write in it each day and diary my food. No pointing but religious tracking.
• Activity while I'm away won't really be a problem but I will make a conscious effort, none the less, to do some every day, even on the days when we're not being taught. Even if it's just a walk the length of the beach and back.

Nice and simple - they are my goals for the next week. I'm not going to put restrictions on what I eat or drink as I know that I'll be drinking a lot of bottled water on the beach all day, but that fresh fruit and veg is hard to come by because of the being-washed-in-local-water issue. Food's pretty healthy out there anyway though - lots of fresh fish, plain chicken and rice.

Above all, I will enjoy myself, remember the progress I've made since last year, and concentrate on feeling good about myself.

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