Thursday, 26 November 2009

Preparing for the Winter

Nice try, Kate, but I'm not giving up my secrets just yet - they still remain firmly shrouded in mystery. Suffice it to say that I spent another hour or so on this little project last night, and I'm slowly gaining confidence in my decisions - sods law is I'll get turned down and it won't happen now .... hmmmmm, has that got you intrigued???

I'm nicely achey this morning after Body Combat last night, I blasted through it giving it my all (what can I say, I had a lot of pent-up aggression to get rid of!), but I felt a few little twinges in my hip and ankle towards the end, which tells me I still need to be careful with my kicks. Balance tonight which is nicely timed to unwind the tightness from the week's exercise.

I started looking at kit yesterday, knowing I wanted some long tights for running in the colder weather. I'm not a fan of the treadmill (DULL!!!!), so would rather be running outside, even in the winter. All the streets round me are pretty well street-lit, and I could take a head-torch if I want to run on the commons or the hills in the dark, so there's no excuse to not go out. I was reading BettyMountainGirl's most recent post, regarding kit, and it did make me laugh as I'm such a magpie for shiny stuff. So I've pared down my list of "wants" - I don't need a new jacket, as my current waterproof is short and well-cut, lightweight and well ventilated, I do want some long tights, but don't need anything extraordinarily expensive, I've survived so far with out specialist headphones and the Nike+ for my iPhone, I would quite like to just get some reflective bands for running in the dark so I don't get mown down, and I already own a fleece headband and lightweight fleece-lined gloves from skiing, so that'll keep me cozy. That's probably cut the cost in half! Plus I can use the tights for biking in the winter too - no excuses not to get out!

That's pretty much it for me, at the moment. I'm doing the photo diary thing again today - boring for you guys but useful for me - just trying to rein in the damage from the weekend - a half a lb loss this week would be fab after the over-eat of the weekend, but I'm somewhat dubious that will happen!


kate said...

have a look at ronhill running stuff. cheapish and does the job.

not only am i intregeued, now i'm trying to work out what you do, 'fx mapping'....taking stalking to a whole new level ;)

Linz M said...

I so wish I could run, I manage about 2 minutes and I am ready to keel over. I guess it will come as I get lighter and fitter.

Keep going with the photo diary, I already feel myself swaying since I stopped. Plus I love to have a nosey at what everyone else eats!

Very intrigued by your secret - sounds most exciting. Good on ya!

Have a fab weekend in London, I love Clapham!


Slimming Sammy said...

Im off into london myself this weekend my friend is taking me to the aquarium then off on an adventure someplace that he wont tell me. I must admit i'm starting to love jogging. i cant run yet but I can imagine feeling elated when I can run for 10 minutes then 20 then half an hour, without feeling like im about to die. it must be awesome feeling fit.