Monday, 30 November 2009


I'm feeling a bit more in control today, and the weekend looked a bit more normal. I was still a bit over on points, which I expected to be realistically, but I don't feel like I went completely nuts.

I feel like I'm a bit more settled back into my routines today. Something Lizzie said last week on one of my posts really struck home - I'm struggling because I've been eating more convenience foods recently, and less home-cooked and basics, and it's not as filling - no wonder I end up raiding the cupboards again and again!

So how did the weekend go, after Friday's epic session of food lunacy? Better. Saturday, after I'd posted about my disappointment in myself I went and made myself pasta with tomato and chilli sauce, lean chicken and veg. That kept me nicely filled up til I made it to the boys' flat in Clapham, and upon arrival I got fed tea, which actually turned out to be more pasta! Bolognaise sauce second time round, but a nice size portion and a healthy sauce again. I had a glass of wine with dinner, and then stuck my evening drinking to vodka and diet mixers ... I think there were quite a few of those but it was damage limitation. I did have 2 slices of toast when I got back at 3.30am, but considering the boys had kebabs on the way home, I'd say that was ok.

Yesterday, I got woken up to be handed a toasted bacon and egg sandwich, but all grilled and no butter - not too bad. I stopped on the way out of London to grab a sandwich for lunch - M & S Count on Us range, a small chocolate bar, and then on to home. I got cooked for in the evening - roast lamb (oh my god - absolutely heavenly!!!), but it worked out really well because it was lean leg, and LOTS of veg - celeriac, parsnip, carrots, 2 small roast potatoes, broccoli, onions and a little bit of bacon in with joint, and a bit of gravy and redcurrant and port sauce. I got given a small piece of cheesecake for dessert without being asked - nice but luxurious.

Today, I'm fully back on plan with a vengance. In accordance with Lizzie's thoughts, I've bought my lunch with me and had a jacket potato with plain tuna and a yoghurt for lunch. Tonight I'm going to have pasta with tomato sauce, chicken and veg, and I'm going to spin.

Going forward, I'm going to make much more of an effort to bring my lunches from home, and make them filling foods. Partly because I need to control my hunger during the day, but also for another reason.

I need to start saving money. Major saving over a short space of time, because I have plans. Yep - this is related to the mysterious life changing stuff I was talking about last week. My plans have changed slightly over the weekend, as things move along. One option has been taken away from me, but it ended up leading me down a slightly different path that I'm pretty damn excited about. I'm still exploring the options, but I need to start thinking about funding now, and get started on that. I'll say this for the options though - they're all things that sit very nicely in my ideal of healthier, fitter lifestyle and will give me plenty of ways to challenge myself over the next year in getting to that place.

On a completely separate note - I've just crazily entered myself for my first ever race!! No tame 5km on the road for me - nope!! Instead I've entered myself for the 2nd of the Scott Aztec Trail Runs in the Forest of Dean. So on 10th January, I shall be collecting my timing chip (gulp - this seems quite serious!) and setting out for 5.4km round the forest trails. There's 3 races running that day, so I'll be running with people doing the 10.4km and 15.4km races too - they go on to do extra laps of the course. I would allow myself to get scared as this is a race rather than a charity run, but it says it's open for people of all abilities, from complete novices upwards, so I'm going to concentrate on enjoying my experience and see what time I get. I've cautiously put myself down as an estimated 40 mins to complete, as I'm not the fastest runner on the planet, so we'll see how it goes! I'm going to see if any of my friends want to come do it (or one of the longer races) with me, but thought I'd better enter now, before I allow me to talk myself out of it!

That's everything for today!



Zanna, travelling tart said...

Exciting things happening in your life - enjoy! And well done in getting back in recovery mode. Zxx

Linz M said...

Most exciting about the plans!! I'm very intruiged :)

Good work on getting back at it, never easy x

Watching and Weighting said...

ooh! sorry i am a bit late catching up with you lady!! YAY did i help?! you totally turned it around dude! WELL IN!!!!! I am only speakin from experience y'know!? it's sooo easy to get sucked into a pointed but fulla crap eating regime innit?! been there a gazillion times and each times it's helped when someone pointed it out (in a nice way). that's what we're here for!!

WOOP WOOP! you gooooooo for it!!

lovelove xxxx

kate said...

nice one! and i'm really excited for you about the race. coincidentally that was my first ever off road race too. i did the 5k about 4 years ago-be careful, it's addictive :)