Sunday, 22 November 2009

Birthday celebrations

I've had a great birthday weekend, and had a lovely day yesterday. Friday turned into a bit of a massive overeat. I took cakes into the office, but made sure I took in small things that I could eat like French Fancies, which turned out to be a good thing. I had a gorgeous dinner at a local gourmet restaurant on Friday after work. The food was absolutely luscious, but being a birthday dinner, I chose exactly what I wanted, without a thought for healthy eating. Not something I do often these days, but it makes it a genuine treat when I do. I had an amazing open ciabatta with cajun steak, peppers, onion and cheese (lots and lots of cheese), and an absolutely massive pile of chips with real mayonnaise. YUM!!! And then there may have been sticky date and toffee pudding with honeycomb icecream ... droool .....

After a dinner that big, I just had homemade soup for tea, and honestly, I didn't really even need that, and felt pretty sick after eating so much, and then went for a very cheesey trip to the cinema to see New Moon, complete with Pic 'n' Mix. A loooooooot of food, but I don't do it often.

Yesterday, on my actual birthday I had a very lazy day, and got up late. It was really nice to have a chilled out day when I was able to watch a bit of tv, do some tidying up before guests arrived. I also had a couple of hours shopping and bought a lovely dress, which I'm so excited about, because it's sooooooo pretty :O)

I kept food normal during the day, poached egg on toast for breakfast and a jacket potato with prawns for lunch. We ate out again last night, but I picked healthily for that (lamb and couscous). There was some a little off-plan drinking, but genuinely not that much - I enjoyed what I had:

.... although maybe not the sambuca as much .....

... and then danced like a loon til gone 3am!

Finally stumbled into bed around 4-ish, but I feel good this morning, no hangover and pretty awake. I'm off for tea with my dad and my grandma in a bit and then catching up with some friends later.

Catch ya later!

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Linz M said...

Yum - food sounds amazing. Glad you had a good one! Sounds like a fab weekend!