Thursday, 19 November 2009

On the mend

I've been feeling pretty rough the past couple of days, hence my blog being rather quiet. I've been kicking the last of the stomach bug into touch, as well as the joy of THAT time of the month and a headache that didn't want to shift for about 36 hours.

I find these days that whilst I'm better at dealing with emotional eating issues like stress, I can still turn to food for comfort when it's physical discomfort. Having said that, I've only been a few points over on any given day, so whilst I'm eating more than usual, it's not particularly bad stuff.

Take last night for example: I was driving back from my speed awareness course (boring!!!!) and feeling absolutely shattered. My first thought was that I absolutely couldn't be bothered to cook and just wanted some "instant" food, so maybe I should stop at the takeaway on the way home. Then I thought about it, and actually thought that all the MSG in the food would just make me feel crappier afterwards and I didn't really want that. So then I thought I could just have the ready-done pizza from the fridge at home or just do some pitta bread and humous quickly. Then I thought a bit more and thought that I already had ready-cubed butternut squash in the fridge and it would barely take any longer to stick that in to roast and shove a chicken breast on the grill and some green veg on the hob.

Yes, folks, I actually started out wanting takeaway and talked myself back into a healthy meal, not because I thought I should or was feeling guilty about eating less healthily, but just because I wanted it. Weird. I'm sure these things usually go the other way round.

After dinner I curled up in bed with Strictly Come Dancing from the weekend and the remains of a tub of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia low fat frozen yoghurt. God bless that stuff - I can scoff just under half a tub and it's still only about 5 or 6 points (should have weighed it out, but frankly didn't care, but by eye, it looked to be about 3 x 60g scoops).

This morning was a bit of a surprise as the scales have been a bit all over the place this week but suddenly jumped to a new all-time low this morning. I had to get on twice to believe it! If it stays anything close to that for tomorow's weigh in I'd be delighted.

I've not been exercising this week yet, due to the rather large gash on the top of my right foot courtesy of windsurfing on Sat. The only shoes I can currently put on are little pumps that don't cover the area at all or my Ugg boots which are soft and don't rub. Trainers are out, especially combined with lots of jumping round. But tonight is Body Balance which I can do because it's barefoot - yay!!!! I never thought I'd say it, but I'm actually looking forward to Balance and getting really stretched out.

Anyway, more anon, fellow health-seekers! Not sure how healthy this weekend will actually be, as it's my birthday and there is going to be a certain amount of eating out and drinking involved. But here's an interesting fact to finish with: I was looking at my weight loss patterns earlier today, an pretty much everytime I've gained (I think there have been 5 occasions to date) have been after holidays or trips away. The stay-the-same weeks are often around TOTM. Which means there's not a lot between now and Xmas to stop me getting some of this shifted. What stops your progress in it's tracks?

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Slimming Sammy said...

OOh good luck on the WI 2moro. its always exciting when you reach a new all time low point. I did that today too it really gives you a pick-me-up and specially seen as you've been feeling rough a pick-me-up is always welcome huh.

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Hope the weigh in was good. Happy birthday for tomorrow - hope you have a wonderful day and an even better year. Z xx

Linz M said...

Good luck for WI! Hope you're feeling better and have a brilliant birthday. Remember - cake is no points on your birthday ;)


Watching and Weighting said...

Hey! happy Birthday for tomorrow Starry! Have a wonderful day!!!!

rockin post - as ever. You inspire love x