Friday, 20 November 2009

I lost again

Weight that is. Yep, after much finger, toe, leg, arm and eye-crossing the scales magnanimously stayed right where they were and I'm now officially 12 st 9.5 lbs, which is a new all time low for me.

It does seem like I'm a bit tortoise-like with my progress, but I am, none the less, getting there one tiny bit at a time. 52.5 lbs gone, 17.5 lbs to go til goal.

A while ago, when there was still 50 or 40 or even 30 lbs to go, just losing 1.5 lbs a week made me think I would never ever get there. No wonder we're always advised to look to the shorter term goals. But now, with under 20 lbs left, it's really nice to be able to look at the final goal and see each little weekly movement putting a noticable dent in what's left to lose.

As I mentioned yesterday I was looking at my weight loss stats over the course of the year and I could see two things. My average losses have gradually been slowing down all year, and are now just a shade over 1 lb a week. But all the times I gain are holidays or a long weekend away with heavy duty partying. In between those I actually lose pretty consistently. At the moment I don't have anything like that in my diary til skiing a couple of weeks in to the New Year.

I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend (birthday is actually tomorrow) so I'm out for lunch today and dinner tomorrow plus some drinking and dancing, but I don't want to go too far off the rails. Next weekend I'm heading down to London to do some catching up with folks, but again, I'm not planning on going bonkers. Christmas for me is fairly restrained, and I'm working pretty much the whole holiday season this year anyway so it's not so hard to keep the indulgences limited to just the weekend.

I'm not putting any timescales on getting to goal now. My progress chart says I'll prob chug my way to goal sometime about mid-Feb, based on progress this year, and just for once, I'm not inclined to fight it anymore. I'll get there in my own sweet time and there's no point fretting over it. It will just be interesting to see what I can do when I'm not jetting off on holidays here, there and everywhere.

Aims for this week:

* Get back into usual exercise routine of spin class, body combat and body balance classes next week, or as much as my foot can take.
* Go for one run.
* Get rid of the piles of clothes on the floor of my room that have been sitting there for weeks and months because they're too big, because the pile keeps growing and I can't get in the bottom 3 drawers of my chest now!
* Whatever happens food / points wise over the weekend, jump back on it as soon as possible.

More anon, health seekers!

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Slimming Sammy said...

Yay for good WI day! I think its a good idea to just keep plugging along rather than try to rush it. I came to that conclusion about a month ago, i'll be happy when I reach my goal and I don't mind how long it takes I just know I'll get there eventually and thats fine.

Linz M said...

Brilliant work!

I am with you on the tortoise like progress, but we will get there! And you are so close now, its brilliant!

Have a great birthday.

donnyprincess said...

Well done on your loss,
I know how u feel, I'm really slow at losing too ... lol
Those goals seem great, good luck