Friday, 27 November 2009

Food diary number 2

It turns out that even photo-journalling what I eat can save me from myself sometimes!! I had the sweetest tooth last night and was really struggling to not dive head-first into the boys' biscuit box when I went round to see them after Body Balance, and the only reason I didn't eat more was I had very little in the house last night. So here's yesterday:

Breakfast was beans on toast (2.5pts), orange juice (1.5pts) and 2 satsumas (0.5pts).

Mid-morning snack of small skinny hot chocolate and a Weightwatchers Caramel Wafer (3pts).

Bottle of Coke Zero for a caffeine hit - 0pts.

Lunch (which I may have forgotten to take a picture of til I was half way through) - chicken and stuffing sandwich (4.5pts), Walkers Squares (1.5pts), and a Weightwatchers yoghurt (0.5pts).

Afternoon tea break - MORE Coke (it was a very long day!) and half a Double Decker (my colleague Claire had the other half).

And then it all went a bit wrong. I got back from work starving and couldn't find anything in the house, so I ended up scarfing down 2 wholemeal pitta breads with an individual pot of humour (I think 4pts for the pittas and 3 for the humous) and then a little pack of Weightwatchers Lemon and Ginger cookies (1.5pts). Then after Balance I heard the siren call of the biscuit box at the boys' house and the miracle is that I only had 1 biscuit when I wanted about 4! So another 1.5pts there.

All in all, not an absolutely stellar day. About 27pts eaten and only 21pts allowed plus the 2.5pts earned from Balance.

And the result of my indiscretions this week - 0.5lbs back on. Not a huge surprise after the birthday weekend, but frustrating and, as per usual, a kick up the arse that I can't mess around if I want to keep losing.

Got dinner out tonight so I shall try and make a sensible choice and get this week off to a good start.

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Slimming Sammy said...

0.5lbs on I would say is a fantastic result after a birthday weekend. Get stuck in this week and im sure it'll be sorted before next weigh in.

Linz M said...

0.5lbs on is not a bad result at all after your birthday!

You'll get that off again in no time


Fat[free]Me said...

.5 will come off very quickly I am sure - probably temporary anyway.

Watching and Weighting said...

hey missus! maybes you need to get involved with your filling foods a bit more - maybe that would help the coke craving and feelin starvacious at the end of the day??? just a thought ? nowehere NEAR as fun to eat but helpful in the long run i guess. one leader said to me once. a .5 gain might just be a big poo!! TMI??sorry!! xx

trio said...

Sounds good, I am going to try recording what I eat, might help me a bit.

You were only a little over today! So don't worry about it!

Bryan Dorsey said...

Good for you for being so thorough with everything you are eating. The pictures are great too. Keep it up. You are on your way to success.

I've been logging my food for over 150 weeks now. I've lost 50 pounds and kept it off.

My only suggestion is to eat more real food when possible. I too love packaged snacks, but much of the time I get hungry much faster after eating something I had to unwrap versus something I could eat that had been packaged by nature (a banana, raw almonds, big giant carrots, etc).