Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Food diary number 1

It's quite interesting photographing everything you eat, as you have to think, with each item, whether you want to show everyone you ate it.

Breakfast was a 50g bowl of Special K with skimmed milk and a big glass of low sugar squash - 3.5pts.

Bottle of Diet Coke when I got to work - 0pts.

Fruit salad with 2 dessertspoons of low-fat natural yoghurt from the salad bar - c. 2pts.

Small hot chocolate with skimmed milk from Costa bar at work - 1.5pts.

New Covent Garden Winter Veg soup (carton for 1) - 2.5pts, meat sushi selection from Sainsbury's - 4pts, Weight Watchers Vanilla yoghurt - 0.5pts.

Mid-afternoon snack of an Alprn Light Bar - the chocolate and fudge are really nice and only 1pt!

Pre-gym and bloody starving, so a slice of the infamous birthday cake is called for - 3pts.

Scallops with lime and chilli marinade and some added mushrooms, broccoli and organic Mediterranean tomato couscous - 6pts.

So that's 24pts eaten out of a daily allowance of 21, plus a Body Combat class which earns me 6pts. 3pts banked. If anyone's dubious about the points for the Combat class, I wear an HRm for the class, calibrated for me, which clocked me at 632 calories in 58 mins - which I will bear testimony to with the sheer amount of sweat dripping off me and the bear continuous sticth for the hour long class ... good times!!

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Synaura said...
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trio said...

Looks like a nice day foodwise!

Anonymous said...

I took photos for a week and it did help me, I found it s bit of a hassle too though!