Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to it

As you may have guessed from my various posts over the weekend, I pretty much departed from plan for the whole thing.

I had a great weekend but ate too much and by yesterday I was looking forward to getting on track. Having said that, it took me til this morning to actually do it. I didn't really want to point the weekend as I knew it would be wildly bad and not something I could possibly claw back this week, but thought I'd better just for the sake of knowing how bad it was. Now it's back to just making every day as good as it can be.

Lots going on this week, including a shopping night, a meal out and exercise classes and much to do in the way of washing clothes, packing and sorting for holiday. I've also got to make a massive attempt to tidy and clean the flat as I suspect the landlords will be over in the next couple of weeks to inspect the flat due to the change in tenants.

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