Saturday, 31 October 2009

Living for the weekend

Having a weekend of great fun with the girls. After a crappy day of much stress and picking up after other people at work, plus dealing with stress about the flat and my flatmate moving out, I met up with Hannah and Bec at Bec's house for the evening. Too many crisps with humous and some pizza and luscious cupcakes from the patisserie. See how pretty the cakes are (and the girls obviously):

Today we've been to Stratford for lunch and shopping. We had a gorgeous lunch at Russons which is a fantastic family-run place with delicious food. I had a butternut squash risotto with a side salad and I HAD to try the pumpkin pie with maple and pecan cream. A-mazing!!!! Totally off plan I know but yum, yum, yum!

Had a stroke of luck in Blacks which was having a closing down sale - 70% off everything!!! Picked up a Roxy fleece and halterneck summer top, O'Neill linen crop trousers and a Technicals running fleece to replace my current one which is too big now, all for £46. Flippin' marvellous.

Back home now at Bec's again, pyjama'd up and we've just finished carving our pumpkins! Aren't they pretty too?

I suspect there'll be far more food than I need tonight again. I'll try not to be too stupid, I promise!

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kate said...

are the pumpkins self portraits ;)