Sunday, 11 October 2009

Birthday Celebrations (just not mine)

It's been a pretty intense weekend - hence the lack of blogging since sometime Friday.

There's been a lot of friends around, and much stuff happening, including eating, drinking and walking. A hell of a lot of all 3 in fact.

My original prediction was that Friday would be fine, Sat would be difficult and back to normal today. Friday turned out to be a foody fuck up - I overslept, got to work, and therefore finished work, late, had to do some shopping, and therefore didn't eat lunch til gone 4. I was therefore wide open to the temptation of home-made pizza, and wine, and cheese and biscuits which the boys plied me with. I ended up eating pretty much a whole day's worth of extra food - not clever, and also discovered that if you don't drink for a while, 4 drinks will get you pretty much battered.

Saturday, I walked all over the shop. The main walking party set off early in the morning as planned - I listened to them leaving from my lovely warm bed (with my lovely warm hangover - ugh). I got up at a much more reasonable hour, drove part way up and strolled along the hills for an hour to meet them at a hotel for lunch. Had a lovely (and sensible) lunch of jacket potato with tuna and lime mayo, and then we strolled back along the hills to my car .......


Arrrrrrrrrrgh - just remembered that my car is still up on the hills!!! Gaaaaaaah!

*runs off next door to beg one of the boys to give me a lift up to get my car back .... not going to be getting to work in the morning otherwise - stupid, stupid girl. Right, where was I?*

....... oh yes, whilst the others continued on a further walk up and over the Beacon, and on to the pub, I took a detour, and walked down into town to go and meet my friend Katherine for a quick coffee. She lives up in York normally, so I don't get to see her very often, so I grab my chances when I can - even if that is mid-birthday celebrations.

On the walk back down, I found myself going in the opposite direction to the annual Beacon Race, as around 200 runners stormed up the path towards me. Sod's Law is that you always meet them at the narrowest point on the path isn't it?? Anyway, once I'd safely negotiated them without tripping anyone up / slowing anyone down, I spent a very nice hour in the coffee shop gossiping. Another healthy choice of a fruit smoothie and no cake. Then walk up to the pub to catch up with the others - stick to the diet cokes, especially after this morning's hangover. Sometime later, saunter back to the flat (I opted for a further walk with the boys, rather than hitching a lift back like the girls from a friend with a car).

Just time to crash for 5 mins, then have a shower and glam up (sorry, forgot to take a photo) and headed out for dinner. Dinner was at a very posh Indian restaurant, but I think I just about safely negotiated it, by ordering a little of what I wanted, but then not finishing anything. It was lovely, but there wasn't any necessity to lick the plates clean.

Finally, there was some drunken stumbling back to the flat, where some genius got the Jenga out, and increasingly drunkenly complex rules were put into play, culminating in the famous Toe Jenga (not advised for those of us wearing very short skirts, so I stayed out of that round).

Another late finish, another wooly head this morning, and I spent most of the day crashed on the sofas next door with the other survivors. I seem to have eaten a lot of cake and biscuit today, but not much in the way of normal food, until I got off my ass and did a butternut squash risotto for tea. Luckily Weight Watchers allows for cake days, as long as you eat in moderation, which I did.

I also dragged myself off to circuits during late afternoon (brutal and ouch) and then we watched bad films. Oh yes, and the aforementioned late night car rescue dash.

God only knows what the scales tomorrow will say!

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My Own Two Feet said...

Wow, what a day you had! Don't listen to the scale tomorrow, for it will try to consort with Mr. Sodium to lie to you.