Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Feeling bleck!

Yep - you heard me .... I'm just not feeling that great today. I suspect, I'm coming down with a cold, but it's so long since I last had one, that it's hard to remember how it starts!

I was hungry all day yesterday, and started to develop a tickly throat. By this morning that had moved from tickly to sore. I'm a bit sniffly, my head aches intermittently (although not badly), and I just generally feel lethargic today. My appetite's gone down again, probably partly due to the fact that eating or drinking is just uncomfortable now on my raw throat. Still, not a lot I can do - either it will go away again, or it'll get worse - and deal with that if and when it happens.

I went to spin last night, and prob pushed myself harder than was wise, as I came off feeling rather achey. Note to self - never take the piss out the instructor for not having enough resistance on his bike, as he will make you swap bikes with him to prove a point. And then you have to finish the rest of the track without sitting down, as he's about 6ft and I couldn't sit on the saddle and reach the peddles on his bike. D'oh!! Although I still maintain that he was totally slacking on the resistance!

Frustratingly, I had my heart-rate monitor on, but it kept turning itself off during the class, whenever my wrists were bent back at an acute angle (during things like press-ups), so when I got the summary at the end, it was only reading an average heart-rate of 135 and 296 cals for the session, which is way out. Think I'm going to have to start wearing the wrist unit with the face on the inside of my wrist to avoid accidentally switching it off. Does anyone else have this problem??

I had physio straight after spin (and a much-needed shower) - same routine as last week - some manipulation, sports massage and ultra-sound. We talked through movements I'm still struggling with (mostly anything requiring any back extension or outward hip rotation on the left) and what I could do to combat that. The verdict now is that she expects me to be more or less back to normal in another week's time, so I've just got to ring her next Monday and let her know if I'm still struggling.

Due to yesterday's revved up appetite, I ate all my activity points for the day, but managed to stop there, so that's not too bad. I'd love to see a good 2lb loss this week, to take me past my 50lbs lost, and put me on track for my target of half a stone off for Egypt in 5 weeks. It's funny because I keep finding myself mentally counting down to goal at the moment ... you know the sort of thing: once I've lost this next stone, there's only 7 more lbs to go. It's tantalisingly close, but I'm trying hard not to get impatient, as I suspect this last bit might be a bit of a slow slog. I also suspect that I might move the goal posts when I get there, and start a kind of Phase 2. I've suspected this for a while.

When I was at 16 and a half stone, the concept of getting to 11 and a half seemed impossible - I wasn't sure there was enough on me to lose. Now I'm so much closer, I can see that I've still got tons I can lose. I'm going to be incredibly proud to get to that first goal, and I definitely don't want to move the goal posts before I get there, as I think I need to see how I feel at that point. I need to find a balance between reaching a point where I'm happy and proud of what I've done, and avoiding getting caught up in my never-ending perfectionist expectations. It's in my nature to never stop and appreciate one achivement before I start finding things wrong with it, and decide there's something better I want. I live in a world where there's always something bigger, and better and shinier on the horizon to aim for, and sometimes that leaves you never satisfied and finding it hard to compromise.

Whoooo - this is getting deep!!

Back to normal stuff - I've got an interval training session at the gym tonight (eeeeeeek!), and a pile of laundry and washing up (not the same pile though, that would just be weird) that I need to sort, so I guess that will keep me busy!


Linz M said...

Oh no - you sound like me last week!! Hope you feel better soon and try and take it easy on the exercise front!

I know what you mean about not appreciating your achievements, I am totally the same. But stick with your goal for a while and revel in the glory once you get there - not that far off now!

Get well soon

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Remember, starve a cold, feed a fever. Or is it feed a cold, starve a fever? Maybe it's starve a cold, strangle a fever. Or slap a cold, dance with a fever. Oh, I can never remember...

Feel better soon...