Thursday, 29 October 2009


Ooooooh - I'm like one big, continuous ache this morning. It's all nice satisfying gym ache though, and no nasty back pain, which I'd say is a bit of an achievement!

Tonight's challenge will be Body Balance. Oh good god, what am I letting myself in for? I haven't done any yoga / pilates based classes regularly in about 2 years or so. In fact, I know it's at least that long because I had to go and retrieve my yoga mat from Dad's house, and I moved out of there 2 years ago. It's going to be quite a challenge as I'm extra stiff today due to all my gym aches, but I am hoping that the session might actually help loosen some of that up.

In the past I've stopped doing yoga or pilates classes because I have to confess I usually get bored after the first couple of classes. And I don't like the Balance classes at my own gym as they are totally over-crowded, with all the mats literally end to end, so I'm going to try a new class / instructor combo over in Worcester which is the one my friend Bridget and her mum go to. Hoping that that will make it a bit more fun, as I need to keep going this time under orders from Kate the physio.

This is supposed to help build up all my core muscles to help protect my back from further relapses, which will then allow me to get on with my life without these painful interludes. Or that's the theory. Sounds like enough motivation to me to be worth giving it a whirl.

I'm on track with my food today. Yesterday, I was suddenly aware that I'd been eating a lot of snacks, and actually managed to run out of points before dinner. Not a disaster as I clock up plenty extra doing Combat, but not ideal. So today I've stocked up on fruit and I'm monitoring my intake closely. It's looking a lot more balanced so far, but on a side note: avoid Weightwatchers' Caramel Mallow snacks like the plague! They might only be 1 point each, but they taste like soggy, chewy cardboard with something vaguely sweet in the middle. Not too pleasant!

That's pretty much all from me for today. Not expecting any great shakes at weigh in tomorrow following the return to my exercise routine and Friday's over-eat. My weight dipped back down to 12st 10lb's after the weekend but has stubbornly gone back up to 12st 11bs and stayed there ever since.

More anon, lovely readers!

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Carlos said...

way to keep after it!

samigurumi said...

Ahh 12 stone 11 thats where I am and it doesnt seem to want to budge. Theres certain numbers that just want to stick around for some reason.