Wednesday, 28 October 2009

And the Challenge Ends

Gym Challenge Results

Duh duh duuuuuuuh ......


Yeah, ok, not great. 3.5lbs over 6 weeks.

I'm stuck in a bit of a plateau at the moment, as I always seem to be
when I transition down past a "boundary" - 13 stone to 12 stone or 15
stone to 14 stone. In the 3 weeks before the challenge I lost over half
a stone, but the challenge has happened when I'm stuck in another flat
section. Because I've already been at this healthy malarkey for 8
months or so, there's not much I can do to shake it up when I hit a flat
section, unlike the other folks on the challenge who were mostly just
starting to lose weight. Mark told me yesterday that I had the lowest
BMI at the start of the challenge, and I know from my nutrition report
that my diet was already bang on, so I should be pleased that I've just
had a steady result.

But now we're going to be positive. During the same 6 week period, my
lean body mass has actually gone up, which means I've actually lost more
than 3.5lbs of fat. I've lost an inch off my hips, another half an inch
off my waist, say a quarter inch off my arms, and nearly an inch off my
legs (and yes, the missing measurement is my chest - didn't change -
phew!! Lol). And all this whilst my exercise regime has been severely
compromised by the fact that I pretty much haven't been able to do it!
Not so bad really. I should have asked Mark for the actual percentages
from my metrics sheet, so I can actually work out my fat loss properly,
but I forgot .... will definitely do that next time I'm in the gym

We have another refresher weigh in in about 6 weeks time, so I'll be
interested to see what progress has been made by then. Also, because I
missed those 3 sessions when I was trying to rest my back, Mark has
invited me to attend the same sessions on the next challenge they run,
which starts next week, for no extra charge, which I thought was very

Training wise, we just had fun last night, once all the weigh ins were
done and the prize had been presented to the winner - we played indoor
cricket in the studio! Lots of fun actually, and who'd have thought you
could burn 250 cals in 30 mins (500 cals an hour - not that far short of
what I'd clock up spinning!) having a giggle, standing round fielding,
with occasional bouts of manic running round! I had a few unsettling
moments when I lunged for the ball on the ground and felt my back
twinge, but doesn't seem to have done any harm. Which means .....
proper fanfare this time ..... I'm going to Combat

WHOOOOOOOOP!!! Yes, I'm am SUPER EXCITED about this! And it's going to
be a shiny new routine too as they moved onto the new release whilst
I've been away. I'm going to enjoy me some punching and kicking and
prancing round tonight - oh YEAH!!!

Whoa - toning down the excitement now before I wear myself out lol.

Food, Glorious Food

After the buffet yesterday, I had no problem not eating tea til after
the gym. I had a Skinny Cow Berry Blush bar (mmmmmmmm - in a Homer
Simpson stylee) and was still mega-full. I have to admit though that
when I got back from the gym, I still wasn't hungry enough to merit
cooking a proper tea, so I went round to the boys' flat and chatted to
them for a bit. And I further have to admit, that since they'd ordered
pizza while I'd been at the gym, I snaffled 2 slices. Not the end of
the world, but marginally over my points for the day. Today, I'm eating
all the healthy food that I was going to have yesterday - guess today
should be pretty good then!

And in a sec I'm heading off to go and buy some new shoes - the ones I'm
wearing today are slopping round on my feet like a pair of my Dad's
wellies - since when were size 7's too big for me????


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You're at the point where you have to look past the scale to gauge your progress. It's a whole new world (and I'm right there with ya), and a whole new set of rules. Kudos on the great job you're doing with it.

nic said...


samigurumi said...

When I lost a lot of weight a few years back I actually dropped a shoe size (from a 4 to a 3)It was explained to me by my doctor that when your carrying a lot of weight your skeleton expands to carry the load so when you lose it it shrinks back. So perhaps the reason why your shoes are flopping around is because of your weight loss

Tricia said...

I'm with Jack on this one. He's a smart guy :)