Friday, 23 October 2009


Weigh in this morning - half a lb off. Which is great because I was
fully expecting to stay the same or gain given how the scales had been
behaving this week. However the mysterious behaviour of the scales was
revealed last night simply to be the result of me not checking my diary
and being ambushed by my hormones yet again, and with that in mind I'm
chuffed to have lost at all as I often struggle to lose during that time
of the month.

So, after that overshare of my bodily functions, we'll move safely back
to the main topic of this post: that little half a lb means I have now
lost exactly 50lbs, since starting Weightwatchers!!!!! Oh my lord - I
don't think I ever thought I'd get here, and I am so proud of myself for
doing it. It's been a long time coming, and I know that a lot of people
in my little blogosphere have done it quicker, but this is what has been
comfortable for me. I've achieved this loss without losing my "quality
of life" along the way, and although I might have has a few sense of
humour failures over the months, I feel like I can genuinely say I have
made progress towards changing my habits to something healthier and

I've got 20lbs left to go to get to goal - but I already lost 1.5lbs of
that this week, only to regain it due to stupid water retention, so if I
keep to my one day at a time plan, I can hope to see another decent loss
next week, fingers crossed. I made yesterday another good day ... god,
I love being able to report that!!! My snacking has been getting a bit
out of hand second half of this week (surprise surprise given the
hormone driven craziness!), so I've been eating more during the day and
then light evening meals, but I made a conscious effort to reign that
back in yesterday and I finished last night with a point to spare,
absolutely stuffed after my lovely dinner of venison grills, asparagus,
broccoli and oven baked mushooms. Since I still don't want to risk
running, I also went out for a nice brisk 45 min walk last night to get
some exercise in. To make sure I didn't run, since I actually felt
pretty good, I deliberately went out in normal clothes instead of my
exercise stuff, but walked one of my running routes. So I was finally
able to answer the question about how much faster I run than I walk -
the run usually takes 30 mins, vs the 45 mins to walk it quite quickly -
not bad!

I'm having a nice celebratory breakfast this morning - Starbucks skinny
blueberry muffin and skinny Chai latte, and fresh fruit salad from the
salad bar - yum!!


Then a light lunch later, and I'm heading over to Jo's tonight for a
night in with some friends - we're going to watch cheesy films, have a
little bit to drink and do some karaoke - fab!! I'll keep an eye on my
points so I don't run over by too much, as it would be such a shame to
muck up now. Tomorrow evening I'm off to my friend Claire's wedding,
with loads of friends from work, which should be awesome - I can't wait
to see her in her dress!! Sunday will be a nice quiet day, gym session
in the afternoon (apparently it's going to be a combine Body Pump / spin
class ... that should be interesting!) and then off to the cinema to
watch Up! with Bridget. A really lovely weekend to look forward too!
I'm planning on taking lots of photos tomorrow, so I'll try and make
sure to post some up here!

Have a good weekend, and make it a good day today. And remember - in
the words of the lovely Tricia at Endurance Isn't Only Physical - if you
feel like quitting, maybe quit tomorrow instead!


kate said...

50 lbs-nice one (that's a whole bike ;) you sounds like you've done the right way too. that weight is never coming back! have a great weekend

Fat[free]Me said...

YAYYYYY! That is super fantastic!! Well done you - you worked hard for that and it is a great achievement.

I am so happy for you!

nic said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! BEST milestone ever!

I also love the quote from Tricia. What if we put off quitting as much as we always put of starting when we quit?

samigurumi said...

Thats like 22% of your original weight. Thats an amazing amount. I hope one day I can say i've acheived what you've done today. You really deserve to feel proud of yourself.

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Absolutely awesome - congratulations and so lovely to hear that you've managed to do this while still enjoying a quality and fun lifestyle along the way. Take a bow my dear! Z xx

Jaframity said...

Fantastic achievement, so very, very well done!

Syl said...

FIFTY POUNDS!!!! Way to go! you have every reason to be proud. Keep up the great work.

donnyprincess said...

That's such a great loss, well done and keep up the hard work!

Also good choice on the skinny blueberry muffin from starbucks ... they are a little bit sexy


Ali said...

Congrats on making it to the big 50! woohooo!
I can't wait to be able to stay that.

And that breaky looks delicious too, YUM!

Linz M said...

Huge congratulations on getting to 50lbs!

Really pleased for you x