Saturday, 17 October 2009

Welcome to the weekend!

Living the High Life:

Well, Jack Sh!t complained the other day that there weren't enough photos, so I'm treating you to an insight into the glamorous life of Sue:

Oh yeah - this is Saturday night for this week - crashed on the sofa in a snuggly fleece, under a cozy blanket, watching Strictly Come Dancing, and enjoying a tasty (pointed) take-away. And yes - that is my laundry you can see in the background - just be glad the underwear is drying out of camera shot (mostly)!!

I've been chilling out this weekend so far - caught up on my sleep, done a bit of shopping (new short, layered winter skirt and pretty graphic print top with zip detailing on the shoulder - cute, cute, cute), watched the scales slide down a bit more (yay!!) and spent a bit of time with my dad.

It's funny - this week I feel a lot more relaxed about the weekend, not worrying about the Monday hangover from salt / MSG / alcohol, etc, and at the same time, I really care about what I eat because it's the start of my pointing week and I don't want to cock up and leave myself a points deficit for the week. So far, so good then!

Ringing the Changes In:

I made yummy spaghetti bolognaise last night, which I shared with Sid next door. It's really nice, because I can see that this is one of the areas of my eating where I've really adjusted. My mum bought me up to cook unadulterated, true Italian bolognaise - simple and intensely tasty - no extra veg or frills, but a good slug of wine. As lovely as that is though, it's not as kind on the points, so I've finally relinquished my mother's teaching - the wine has been cut back, and there's now loads of lovely veg in there to bulk it out - carrots, courgette, mushroom and peppers. And you know what - it still tastes pretty damn good.

And the best part of cooking bolognaise (or chilli for that matter)? You get the leftovers on toast the next day .... drooooooooool!

Another behaviour I've adjusted? When I'm in company, I don't eat food unless I'm offered it. Actually, this is a really good rule - it stops me raiding the boys' biscuit box unnecessarily (they keep an awesome biscuit box under the coffee table like an unexploded bomb, but they don't have the sweetest of tooths, so this really helps me keep my nose out of it), and on occasions like home-made pizza it means I only take once slice from each pizza when it's first passed around. Simple, see?!

Nasty Realisations: Only Myself to Blame

Don't worry - nothing too bad. I was reading blogs yesterday, talking about binge behaviour and sliding a bit off track. Specifically, the blogger in question was talking about ice-cream as comfort food. I totally agree that it is - ice cream is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. The thing is, that reading it, I immediately started resenting the fact that I couldn't go and get a big tub of ice cream and get stuck in.

But what I really realised, was that it wasn't that I couldn't have it, because nothing's banned on Weight Watchers. What I really resented was that the onus is all on me .... that if I have it, and I gain, it's my own fault. The responsibility to make the right decisions lies with me, and I am now armed with the knowledge to make that decision and understand the impact. And consequently, I can't make the same decisions I used to in my "ignorance".

What an absolute bastard that is!


My Own Two Feet said...

The responsibility to make the right decisions lies with me, and I am now armed with the knowledge to make that decision and understand the impact.

I LOVE that. Seriously, that right there is a long term to key to success. When you not only have the knowledge but accept the fact that you are responsible for making good choices once you understand how the bad ones can effect you.

Sounds like a REALLY good weekend and I loved the picture, looking adorable.

nic said...

You have fabulous eyebrows. I know that's a weird compliment, but seriously.

I think it still takes a lot of willpower to not eat food unless it's offered to you. That's a fantastic habit you've built through practice!

Kathryn said...

There's 2 views on this:
1) Police yourself. Let yourself have a taste...but only if you can STOP before having too much.
2) Avoid, avoid,'s just too tempting.

I wobble back & forth myself!