Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Aaaaaaaaaah Factor

Oh god - I've just totally remembered something that I meant to put in my earlier post and completely forgot about!!

There's a new woman in our spin class - a bit older, I'd say in her later 40's or more likely early 50's.

Well, I was on the bike next to her last night, and after the first sprint track (2nd track over all), I was suddenly very distracted by the sounds of moans coming from the next bike. I'm talking, the sort of moans, where you think oooops, I've interrupted something here, and turn and walk quickly and quietly away.

Every exhalation, another moan. I glanced over at the woman next to me - looks normal, but it's definitely her making the noise as she's catching her breath.

Everything quietens down, and then we do some more sprints ...... aaaaaaaaah, pause, aaaaaaaaaah, pause, aaaaaaaaaah, pause .... over and over again.

I looked around the circle, but nobody else seems to have noticed.

Aaaaaaaaaah, pause, aaaaaaaaaaah, pause .....

I catch our instructor Tim's eye, and can see he's trying to keep a straight face (not that you'd notice, since he's always grinning insanely or laughing at something). Turn away, and try not to laugh too.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, pause, aaaaaaaaah, pause, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ......

Phew - she's caught her breath.

Until the next set of sprints or climbs ... which y'know, are kind of often in spin.

Spin class with added orgasmic soundtrack .... it's just disturbing!!!


samigurumi said...

Disturbing but funny right? Adds an extra element of entertainment I guess :D

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!