Monday, 19 October 2009

Still storming along

Good morning, troopers, and welcome to another shiny new week!

I'm feeling pretty upbeat at the moment, because my healthy eating is really on a roll. I stormed the weekend and have even come out with a few little points saved! Virtuous on the food front? Oh yes indeedy!

The scales this morning have rolled on since WI on Friday, but I shan't talk actual numbers yet - that's a Friday thing. I'm happy anyway.

Exercise-wise the weekend was a bust, as I'm still resting my back. It's feeling quite a bit better though, but whilst there are still any minor niggles I'm going to continue to protect it and not risk another back-track (no pun intended). I'll tell you what though - ripping all that tape off on Sat night that the physio had put on? P.A.I.N.F.U.L. Basically removed 3 foot of very sticky plaster. I still have two wide red stripes down my back where it was. OUCH!!!

I'm having a bit of a hungry day today, but that's fine. I'll just have a light tea tonight, and hopefully I'm going to pop out for a 30 min walk round the block this evening to stretch my legs.

I feel good at the moment though. My size 14 trousers are fitting better, and I like what I see in the mirror more than ever. It's the little things away from the scales that are nice to achieve.

Can't believe that 3 weeks today I'm going to windsurfing on the Red Sea again - can't wait!!! Got most of my kit together now, and just need to get a new rash vest (my old ones I bit big, surprise, surprise) and I've got a line on a new harness on Ebay that I'm watching like a hawk. Excitement!!!


nic said...

ADVENTURER! That's great!

I, personally, think the little things away from the scales are more important. Those little numbers never actually bring you joy, because all they are is a signifier of these other things, like trouser-fit!

CELEBRATE THOSE! :O) (and congrats!)

Losing Waist! said...

Wow. I feel pretty upbeat myself, after reading that! I swear it had a rythm to it!!

I hope that you take that walk tonight!

Windsurfing on the Red Sea? Can I come please? I haven't windsurfed since I was sixteen (smaller days), and living in Florida- such fond memories. Ha!

Have a really good day. It was awesome to read this first thing in the morning.

Losing Waist! said...

rhythm- wish I could spell too.

samigurumi said...

WOW Windsurfing that is exciting, and some place exotic too. I'd be bouncing off every wall in manic anticipation.
Its always great to feel upbeat and positive, I love feeling like that and always make a point to recognise when I feel positive so I can remember that feeling when i'm on one of my low days.

Tricia said...

Such a great attitude! Good for you!

And thanks for commenting on my run, glad to know I'm not too slow :)

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Well done - it feels so good to have an 'in control' weekend - I know cos I just managed to have one too. Wow wind surfing on the Red Sea sound adventurous - look forward to hearing more about that. Z xx