Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just call me Snotty McSnotterson!

Oh yes indeedy - the cold has arrived. Yesterday's sore and raw throat has vanished miraculously overnight, and in it's place is about 3 tonnes of snot and a rather attractive tickly cough with occasional added chesty rattle.


My appetite has returned with a vengeance, with the appearance of all the snot, and I can't quite get enough to eat at the moment. This meant another day yesterday of eating all my activity points in addition to my daily points, especially as I inexplicably got starving hungry after the gym last night. I haven't gone over my points though, which I'm pleased about.

Since the cold hasn't completely incapacitated me (yet), I'm just concentrating on staying healthy. I went to my usual gym training session last night, where we did intervals on the spin bikes for about an hour (including warm ups and cool downs). Quite fun, and burned another 400 calories. I also had a weigh in for the half-way point of the gym challenge. Bizarrely all my measurements were exactly the same as my initial ones - including my hydration levels, which is a bit freaky.

Ok, so this also means that my weight isn't showing as having dropped at all, but I'm not too worried as the initial weigh in was mid-afternoon when I'd only had one meal for the day, a good 3 hours before the session, and this one was a late evening, when I'd just demolished a huge bowl of (homemade) soup about an hour before. I'm confident that there will be movement by the end of the challenge, and I'm quite tempted to ask Mark to re-weigh me before Sunday's session for something more comparable.

My plan this evening is to stay away from the gym, and the intense exercise, and to go out for just a 30 min walk when I get home from work. Two reasons for this: 1) I need the fresh air - I've pretty much moved from flat, to car, to gym the past couple of days and I feel like I need to blow out the cobwebs. 2) The muscles I use for walking need to get back in use - it's all very well going to the gym, but it's not using my everyday muscles which are still a bit tight. I'm going to put my usual running gear on to go out - partly because my trainers have my custom insoles which will help keep my sore ankle correctly aligned and help my posture, and partly because if I feel ready I might incorporate some very short jogging sections into my walk. We'll see how it goes.

After that, Bridget's coming round for the evening for dinner and girly tv - yay!!! :o)

I am determined to behave this week and see a decent loss at the scales - I've had two hard days with me feeling a bit off, but I'm still sticking to my points, and Tricia made a very good point on her post yesterday talking about how exercise can have a positive effect in counteracting feeling ill, so there's no need for me to give up and go and sit in a snotty sulk. I want this loss.

p.s. if you not seen Tricia's blog, she's pretty new to the scene, but she's also pretty awesome - she's lost a ton of weight already and has come to the blogging scene with that under her belt and a whole lot of tales to tell and advice to give. Great stuff.


Linz M said...

Oh no, not good. I was exactly the same last week and definitely fed my cold!

Definitely give Street Dance a go if you get chance - It's a great laugh... if you don't mind feeling really uncool in the presence of the teacher!

Get well soon x

Tricia said...

Hello...thank you so much for the shout out, that was sweet.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope the fresh air helps!Feel free to curse me on your walk :)

Jaframity said...

Well now, Snotty McSnotterson, I'm sorry that your cold has become fully-blown, as it were. I'm sure the fresh air will help to lift spirits at the very least. Could do with some myself. Hope you begin feeling better very soon.