Sunday, 25 October 2009

Food hangover

Friday blew. Or I blew up. Doesn't really matter which, as I still ate twice as much food as you're meant to in one day. I had an evening with the girls, and allowed myself to get talked into eating something other than what I would have picked for myself. We had takeaway, and whilst I wanted to just order a chow mein, or a single dish and plain rice, I gave in to ordering a whole selection of starters to share .... soooooo many points in all that stuff! I ate past when I was comfortable, but I did stop before everything on the plate and in the cartons was gone.

On the entirely positive side - there was a huge tin of chocolates, a tin of pringles and various other cakes and stuff, and I did a good job of keeping my nose out of them .... not taking stuff unless you're offered it totally works! Oh, and I stuck to white wine spritzers, which was good too!

We had a great night, with lots of laughter and some truly bad karaoke (which I was overjoyed to find out had turned up on Facebook in video format yesterday - lovely). However, I woke up yesterday with a hell of a food hangover - ugh.

Yesterday was my friends Claire and James' wedding in the evening and I had a great time. Despite the potential pitfalls of a hangover and weddings, I made it through the day without goofing.

The really nice thing about doing this whole "make every day the best you can" thing, is that I'm not panicking about overdoing it so much on Friday, and that I didn't pull any points back yesterday. Because I made the best of yesterday, and today I'm having a really good day, and tomorrow I'll make the best of that day too. It's actually quite calming really!

Circuits later and then a nice relaxing evening. See ya later, folks!

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Zanna, travelling tart said...

Just love that attitude - you negotiated a couple of potential 'blow outs' very successfully. Have a great week Z xx