Friday, 2 October 2009

Haircuts and heart rate monitors

Wooohooooo - it's Friiiiiidaaaaaaay!!


Well, thank god for that, because frankly, it's been a long and tiresome week at work!! It's funny how you feel much better once you've left the office for the week, been home and had some lunch and then had a bit of pampering at the hairdressers. I'm now sporting some ultra-big, glam-style hair (that'll last as long as the next shower!), which I think looks rather nice!

What's been extra nice today is I've had loads of compliments on both my weight loss and my clothes - I do soooooo love it when that happens. I am fabulous after all lol.

Friday's are always a bit funny for me, as I only work 5 hours, so don't have a lunchbreak. So I always end up snacking my way through the morning but missing out on lunch - apart from the very few weeks when I'm organised enough to remember to take something with me. Ah well, no harm done!

I'm looking forward to spending time with friends tonight - we're all feeling pretty poor at the moment after booking holidays and other such stuff, so we're having a fun night in with the Wii - we'll be rocking out with a bit of guitar hero I reckon!

New Toys - Revisited

My shiny new Polar F6 hear rate monitor arrived today ... it was there to greet me on the front doorstep when I got home.

Yes, of course I ripped the box open and started playing pretty much straight away. So I now know I have a resting heart rate of around 60. I think that's quite good so I'm pretty pleased. Can't wait to test this baby out .... guess it'll have to wait til Sunday's circuits though, as I've got stuff I've got to sort tomorrow during the day before the wedding in the evening.

Broken ... And Then At Least Partly Fixed

I had my first session with Kate, my physio, last night. Yikes, that woman can be brutal sometimes. It's a little disturbing lying face down on the table, mid-conversation, when your back suddenly gets pounded so hard it cracks audibly and you come to an abrupt halt mid-word! Just started talking again, and another thump / crack. Maybe she just wanted to shut me up???

After 45 mins of sports massage, work with some weird vibration massager that feels like an excrutiating mix of pleasure / pain when you hit a really tense spot (like pushing on a sore muscle the morning after a hard work out - it's on the border of pain, but oddly satisfying - then magnify by about 20), and finally ultra-sound with freeze gel, I wearily dragged myself off the table. But I feel a million times better today.

My walking's looser today, and I can tell that the niggles I've got now are just where I've not been using muscles for a couple of weeks. Kate reckons it's exactly what I had in January again, and nothing worse.

Basically, what came out though, is that I'm an impatient sod, and I can't expect it to just heal itself up instantly. When I said about the doctor / NHS physio telling me to get back to my normal routine as soon as possible, Kate just looked at me, pretty much rolled her eyes, and said "they didn't mean your normal routine though!!!" Apparently, they just meant going to work etc, not running, spinning, blah, blah, blah. So I've got to allow myself another couple of weeks to heal properly, before I can expect to get fully back up to speed. Grrrrrr.

Right, well I'm off to grab some food before I head out for the evening. Have a great weekend all! xx


Fat[free]Me said...

You hair looks lovely!

And glad your physio session went well. I had mine today too and it was similar with the cracking joints - arrrgh, but bliss...

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Fantastic haircut. You look great!

It's really been fun watching your success here. You're a real inspiration.

My Own Two Feet said...

Haha, I do the same thing. So doc when can I get back to normal routines.. Doc: Oh you should be able to now. Josh heads to gym to lift, muwhaha.

That hair does look very fab!

Carlos said...


Syl said...

you look fantastic!

Linz M said...

Looking good girl!! Fab haircut!

Glad to hear the physio is helping x