Thursday, 22 October 2009

Damn scales!

Ok, so weigh in isn't officially until tomorrow, but I'm a
stand-on-the-scales-every-day kind of gal. I just like to make sure
that my body's not betraying me and wandering off in the wrong
direction. Or I'm not betraying it and allowing it to. Whatever - I
check in, once a day, first thing in the morning.

And let me tell you - I hate weeks like this one on the scales. Over
the weekend my weight continued to drop (woohoooo), so by Monday I'd
moved from 12st 12.5lbs (from WI on Friday), down to 12st 10.5lbs. Have
I stayed there following my sustained good eating (and one small piece
of pavlova)? Have I even dropped a tiny bit lower? Have I heck!! The
scales have spent this week so far, resolutely climbing back to where
they were on Friday. Oh bravo!!!! How clever of them!!!


And before you all yell at me: yes, I know that this is a long-term
thing, and yes, I know that most people advocate only weighing once a
week (tried it - my willpower in that department is about as tough as
cooked noodles: limp), and yes, I know that all sorts of things can
cause fluctuations. But people - I'm just allowing myself a little
wallow of self-pity for a minute. Humour me.

The healthy routine was alive and kicking again yesterday - I ate just
under my points, I had veg and fruit aplenty, I drank loads of fluids,
and thanks to running round like a loon at lunchtime trying to find
balloons and streamers to decorate my colleagues desk, I'd say I burnt a
few calories. The deficit's down to 3.5pts. Good work, huh? Today,
I'm kicking it again. There's cakes in the office, but I don't need
them as I have my own food with me. I'm a bit short on fruit, but have
a good healthy lunch, and plan on over-clocking the veg tonight at
dinner (yum!). I'm really starting to miss my regular exercise now, but
I'm going to give myself a few more days as I'm really starting to feel
back to normal, so the break is obviously good for my stupid injuries.

Boardshort Crisis!!

I tried on the dreaded boardies last night. I was right .... they did
look small. The good thing is that I can do them up. The bad thing is
that they are quite tight. But when I double checked against my
flatmate's boardies which are the size up, I'm definitely somewhere
between sizes as hers would come down with a good yank. Dilemma! It's
two weeks til we go, so not enough time to get rid of all the bulge, but
I'm not sure there's any point in sending them back for the bigger size.

As it is, Jo (who is coming to Egypt with me) has offered me a spare
pair of her boardies which are unworn, in a 16. Which is awesome on 2
counts: 1) it means that she too has lost enough inches and lbs that
they are too big for her - soooo proud of her, as her body is very
stubborn to give up the lbs even when she eats and exercises like a diet
trooper! And 2) it gives me options. I've also got another pair of
boardies that do fit, however they are, ahem, rather short. I mean
short, short. So I wasn't sure whether I wanted to actually windsurf in
them, as they won't give me a lot of protection against board rash.
Although actually, my worst board rash is always on the inside of my
left knee, which isn't protected anyway. I think I'll keep my
boardshorts and see how I go.

On the positive side - I have now decided to retire my size 16 work
trousers. I've been wearing one pair of 14's to work for the last
couple of weeks and, as I said earlier in the week, they're definitely
fitting better now. My 16's on the other hand, besides being baggy in a
most unsightly manner, have recently started sliding down a bit at the
waist. Tis time, that they went to the graveyard of so many of my other
clothes. With that in mind, I hit the shops last night to go and grab
an extra pair of 14's, and they fit pretty well! I also picked up some
more knits for the winter, as pretty much all my smart cardies and
sweaters from last year are looking a little baggy now. So nice to be
buying all 14's, and I feel very well dressed today in trousers that
actually fit my ass, and a big snuggly knit layered over long sleeves.

The moral of this? Even if my size 14 boardies don't quite fit
comfortably yet, it's hard to feel sore when so much else does. As for
the scales? In some small way, fuck 'em. I won't let them upset my
eating for the day, else they really won't move in the right direction.
I guess they'll catch up with me eventually!

Hope you're all having a good week too!


nic said...

Don't let that fake-weigh in (which you shouldn't even have seen, naughty girl!) do you in. Keep it up, like you're doing.

You're doing fantastic! Think of how much energy you will have to windsurf if you continue eating healthy all the up to and THROUGH the trip! It will be amazing!

Linz M said...

You never know, the scales might be kind tomorrow! Don't let them dishearten you if not though, you are doing fantastic.

Very jealous regarding the size 14's - I will be in heaven when I get there!


Zanna, travelling tart said...

Know what you mean about the scales - despite being sooo squeaky clean for the past 10 days - mine are faffing around - down 500g, up 400, down 100, up 300 - but I"m just keeping on keeping on. Lovely news about all those 14s Z xx