Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Boring rambling ahead!

Hi guys,

Brace yourself - it's going to be a pretty boring post, as I don't have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about today. In fact, I won't be offended if you decide to wander off elsewhere and read something better / funnier / more exciting.

Anyone still here?

Right, well, as I say, there's not a lot to report. My eating was good yesterday - surprisingly good in fact. Maybe I was feeling boosted after deciding to move my weigh in day, I don't know, but I actually saved points, so that was good. Mmmmm - I also had the loveliest tea - I love it when I find new products and new ideas for using them!

I did a food shop last night, and I was actually looking to see if Waitrose stocked the new Weight Watchers' reduced fat cream, as I was thinking of a fish pie. They didn't, but what I did find was a new creme fraiche substitute from Presidente. It's less than 3% fat, so really easy on the points.

Disclaimer - normally, I don't go a whole bundle on the whole "diet products" phenomenon - they taste of less, have more artificial stuff in, and I don't want my weight loss to be based on eating cotton-wool versions of what I used to eat. Instead, I make an effort to use proper fresh produce, or "real" products, but added in moderation and appreciated in full. However, there are some things like cream to go in fish pie, where I don't mind a sneaky substitution.

I was fancying pasta or gnocchi by the time I got home, and also fancying a mushroom sauce on top - creamy and extra mushroomy - so I did a little experimenting. I did a big heap of mushrooms, some onion and garlic and sauteed it slowly in a frying pan on a medium heat (I use a little real olive oil sprayed on the pan, and then top up with water to stop it sticking - much prefer it to low-fat sprays). Once it was going golden, I lobbed in a generous sprinkling of tarragon and about half a vegetable stock cube, and then a generous dollop of Philadelphia Extra Light (one of my fridge staples, and general all-purpose life-savers!) and a big tablespoon of the Presidente. A bit of freshly ground salt and pepper (I don't know what I'd do with out my grinders - cry probably) and then whilst the gnocchi was on the other hob simmering for a few minutes, I lobbed in two massive handfuls of baby spinach to wilt.

Oh. My. God. Sooooooooo good. A big plate of creamy, mushroomy heaven!

I was meant to have been going to gym after dinner for my next gym challenge training session. It didn't happen, and I'm gutted I've had to miss one. However, whilst I doing my food shopping I noticed that my ankle was starting to feel really tight and tired and a little bit cramp-y. By the time I headed to the tills, I wasn't really able to walk properly and was just kind of gingerly shuffling along, and carrying everything up to the flat hurt. I therefore made the executive decision to rest it last night, and not risk antagonising anything.

I've been noticing a slight pinching sensation in my lower left back, right where my back meets my buttock for most of the week, but haven't really thought about it. I spoke to my physio last night (a scheduled call) and she said that walking on the hills at the weekend is probably the cause and that's what's aggravating my muscles. I've tentatively booked an appointment for tomorrow evening, with instructions to only go if I need it. It was sore again this morning but does feel a bit better now.

Mind you - if I hadn't gone walking - look at the views I'd have missed:

Walking with Hannah:

Ah well - I ended up spending last night splatted out on the sofa just relaxing - points saved but no exercise. And I'm not going to do any more until this has settled back down again .... *sigh*.

On a completely different note, I have a real hankering to buy a spin bike for the flat, so I can be doing something at home on nights when I can't be arsed, or don't have time to make the gym. I don't know whether it would be a complete waste of money though, given that I don't have a particularly big flat, and I know what I'm like with buying equipment to use at home .... a.k.a a complete waste of money as I never make use of it!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I might do the bike if I could find an exceptionally good deal on a used one (or found one on the side of the road); there's too big a risk that it will sit there unused to drop big bucks on it though.

kate said...

just woken up to find i've dribbled on the macbook ;)
with the exercise bike you'd easily be able to fit the odd 20min session in and it's a great clothes hanger!

My Own Two Feet said...

Here is what we do.

1) Buy exercise bike.
2) Hook up power to TV/Computer/Other Vice to bike.
3) ?
4) Profit!

Kathryn said...

Well, you don't want to antagonize something that may be injured...that won't do you any good. It could be a nerve that's being compressed...maybe some rest will relieve it.
Not that I'm any kind of a doctor...I just like to guess a lot.
Dinner looked delish! I could almost smell it!
you're doing great, sweetie!