Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Attack of the Buffets!!

Gaaaaaaah!!! Obstacles in my path!!! I've got final weigh in tonight
for the gym challenge at 9pm. I think you will agree, that that's not a
fabulous time for a weigh in, as it's practically impossible to forgo
your dinner until after the weigh in and subsequent hour long work out,
without falling over in a dead faint through complete sugar crash. With
that in mind, I carefully planned out my meals for yesterday and today
to keep to my plan, and get the best possible result today.

I was going to have a big bowl of soup for a lunch, a small bowl of
cereal this evening an hour or so before the gym, and then a light
stir-fry afterwards. Small flaw in my plan though - I forgot that we
had a leaving lunch today at the dreaded Teddington Hands. I'm sure
I've talked about the buffets this place puts on before: an insane
amount of food, incredibly rich, loads of butter and mayonnaise - in
short a heart-attack on a plate.

Well - I've done the best I could. It wasn't as ideal as having my
soup, but actually I'm pretty damn proud of my last minute planning.
3/4's of a sandwich (they all come cut into quarters anyway and
ludicrously full of tasty filling, so you can pick and choose what you
want), including egg mayo and tuna, to keep points down, the smallest
portion of quiche I could see, 2 lean slices meat and 1 mini sausage
roll as a treat. You know what? I couldn't even finish all of that!!!
It was soooooooo ridiculously rich that I stopped short on finishing the
quiche as the crust was practically pure butter. But I can look at that
plate and feel proud, because everyone around me had plates piled high,
and went back for seconds, and I'd listened to my stomach and just had
what I needed to feel satisfied. You want a list of the stuff I didn't
have? Fresh bread and proper salted butter, big slabs of cheese,
crackers, chips, chips and chips, potato salad, coleslaw, pork pies, a
squillion more sandwiches, and sausage rolls. I'm pretty pleased
actually. I went down that buffet table, actively looking for stuff
that wouldn't do me too much damage and I felt happy about it.

Actually, since I didn't snack too much this morning either, I've got
some points to spare, and I'm sure as hell not going to need anything to
eat this afternoon! Which is lucky really, as there are about half a
dozen "doggy bags" of remaining buffet sitting on the cabinets just down
the office from me, which thankfully don't hold any allure right now.
Just got to stay off the soda this afternoon now (caffeine is banned
before weigh in, so that they get a proper accurate lean mass vs. body
fat reading) and job done. I'll still have my little bowl of cereal
before the gym, and I think I'll be ok. Then I've got lovely fresh tuna
to stir-fry with crispy veg tonight after the gym - yum!!!

I'm really glad to report that I'm now two nights of exercise down, and
no back niggles showing up yet - woooohooooooo!! Got some achy,
protesting muscles that haven't been used for a while, but otherwise I'm
feeling strong. Sooooooooo hoping that I'm going to be able to make
Combat tomorrow night, and I'm super-excited about getting back to that.
Heee hee - I love that I'm excited to be getting back to an exercise
class - I've turned into such a geek!!!

So that's me - still taking it one day at a time and steady as she goes.
I've got my deficit from the weekend down from 21 points to 11.5 now -
not bad work! Now cross those fingers that a) I manage to lose
something at the weigh in tonight (actually I already know that I've
managed to lose some inches, but I'd like some lb-age to match, 'cos I'm
greedy like that!), and b) I make it to Combat tomorrow night and can
enjoy it!!

Thank you, that's all for now! :o)


Linz M said...

Good going - I am having a similar day with obstacles constantly trying to trip me up!

Good luck with your WI later (totally ridiculous time!)


samigurumi said...

Its good when you can walk away from a buffet feeling positive and in control. Its good to be aware of what you're eating. I know before I started WW, buffets would leave me feeling stuffed to beyond capacity.

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Hi five! as you say you feel so good and in control when you can make these choices. Well done you! Z xx

Carlos said...

not too shabby for the buffets

Broken YoYo said...

gaahhh! Buffets are my idea of a nightmare, the capacity to overeat is just overwhelming

well done for staying strong! hope weigh-in went well :-)

Fat[free]Me said...

You did well - buffets are a nightmare!

Loving that you are looking forward to combat class, lol - such an exercise addict you are!

Good luck for the weigh-in, but even so, losing inches is pretty darn cool.