Sunday, 20 June 2010


Is it possible for just over a week of running (4 x 5k runs) to make a difference to your shape?

I don't know, all I know is this: the scales haven't particularly budged anywhere yet, but when I went to put on my jeans yesterday (jeans I only bought about 2 weeks ago) instead of fitting comfortably / snugly the way jeans should, they appeared to be a bit baggy all around the whole bum / thigh area. I wasn't sure, but to double-check the jeans hadn't just stretched somehow, I grabbed my skinny jeans out of the wardrobe to try. These are my benchmark, I'm-feeling-small jeans as they only started to comfortably fit me when I was at my smallest over Xmas, and then after skiing they were seriously snug. Yesterday though? Yesterday they went on waaaaay easier and for the first time in 6 months I wore them out the house!

That definitely gives me a kick up the ass to keep doing a couple of 5k runs a week! If I see a change in my shape after just 4 runs then surely the scales would have to start moving if I keep it up?

Yesterday morning (before the jeans incident) I did what I'd promised and got up and went straight out for a run. I'm not a huge fan of first thing in the morning runs, as I always feel very sluggish before I've eaten breakfast, so I had to take lots of little walking breaks - especially on the big hill. But it was done.

After a quick breakfast and some packing I set off for London. I did a detour via Bicester Village again and picked up a new dress to wear out last night, and a back up dress for the black-tie event next month. It's gorgeous - navy silk with a big flower at the waist -I did promise some photos of the dresses so I'll try and do those later this evening for you!

After keeping my points low during the day and running I knew I could afford to eat something nice for dinner last night, but I'd still need to remain conscious of what I was eating so I didn't go crazy. Our eating plans had changed, so we ended up going to Belgo, which is a Belgian restaurant specialising in mussels. I had a lovely dish called Florentine mussels which was a mussels in a spinach sauce with Gruyere cheese on top, and a small bowel of chips. I stuck my drinking to two short cocktails (caiprinhas) and some vodka and slimline tonics. I actually couldn't physically eat or drink any more than that as I was sooooooo full afterwards!

So in terms of the challenges I set myself: I ran when I said I would, and the scales were down a little bit yesterday morning, so if I can keep them there or a little bit lower tomorrow morning I'll be happy. I want to do some gentle exercise this evening when I get back, whether that's a walk, or bike over to my dad's or just a swim.

Catch ya later, kids.

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Zanna said...

Well the reckoning is that anything which gets your heart rate up for a continuous spell will make you burn huge amounts of calories - and running would certainly do that and that's probably whats making the difference. Well done you!! Zxx