Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shattered but happy so far

Oh my lord - 4 hours sleep is not enough when you're 29 years old. My eyes feel like sandpaper today!!

My eating went pretty well yesterday considering. By the afternoon I was getting really stressed at work, in an "I want to hit things" kind of way. Chocolate biscuits on the cabinets didn't help but I managed not to go crazy on them.

After abandoning the fight with my work and downing tools at 5pm sharp, I had just enough time to drive home, ditch the car and my work bags, and walk down to the station whilst munching on a treat-size bag of Cadbury Buttons to keep the hunger-monster at bay - the only portable food I could find in the house.

After unwinding over a couple of drinks with friends in a gorgeous pub garden I knew nothing about previously (how'd I miss that??), we sauntered round to the restaurant for tea.

I am SO glad I'd decided what to eat beforehand, as I adore Mexican food, and trying to make a healthy choice whilst starving hungry would have been pure torture!!! As it was we had a jug of Margerita and two starters to nibble on between 6 of us - which was great as it meant no chance to get carried away on the nachos, and then I had my swordfish as planned, with stir-fry veg and new potatoes. Not a delicious, deep-fried burrito, or a pile of guacamole, sour cream and cheese in sight. My plate came with half a field of potatoes on it, which I'd kind of suspected it might, so I decided right away to only eat half of them. I finished the meal feeling comfortably full and more than a little bit smug with myself. And only 2 points over for the day.

We had another drink afterwards in a bar, then wandered home, where I stupidly proceded to stay up til 2am watching tv with Jon. Hence the cheesegrater eyes this morning!

Today is Round 2 of eating out. I've got to leave work early to head to the doctors for my holiday jabs (ouch!), and then I'm going for drinks and dinner with Jo. Part catch-up, part holiday planning and part celebration of yet another promotion for her at work (she's now a director at her company, aged just 29!!).

I'm going to suggest we eat at Ask, as we can eat in their courtyard garden and enjoy the nice weather, plus I can make a safe choice there and have pasta with a tomato and veg sauce, to stay on track.

It's nice to not be feeling bloated and sick the morning after a meal out, so I'm enjoying this healthy choices thing. Bizarrely, I'm also missing the opportunity to run or work out in the evenings because I've been busy the last couple of nights - I think probably because I'm appreciating now how they make physical changes to my body. Tomorrow evening I'll be able to work out though.

Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous summer weather! I definitely am - skirts and dresses all the way these days, and I've been told I look "very glam" today ... just as well as there's an absolute stunner of a new guy started in the VAT office this week ... believe me I'm thinking up excuses to wander over there so I can stare in awe and appreciation ;o)

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