Friday, 11 June 2010

Climbing my mountain

Yesterday I talked about reaching the point in your weight-loss journey where the short cuts run out and the only way forward is total committment.

It's a hard time for most dieters, I should think, as you've been at it a long time and the end is in sight, but not within touching distance yet. You probably feel like this should be the easy bit - the cruise to the end - like cresting the top of a hill and seeing it flatten out at the top, but instead you've suddenly come over the top to find that the summit is still above you and an even steeper scramble. Worse, you're slowly realising as you look up, that the summit is narrow and exposed and is going to be bloody easy to fall off and slip back. That final bit is the scree slope of the dieting world - 2 steps forward and 1 slide back when you least feel like tackling it.

Liking the analogies today?? :-)

So here's the question fellow dieting-mountaineers: how happy are you to settle?

Is within sight of the top good enough, or do you need your picture taken by that sign at summit, just to prove you made it?

The first (and only time to date) I climbed Snowdon I was so bloody shattered by the top that I couldn't be bothered to scramble up that last rocky outcrop just so I could say I'd made it. I went to the cafe instead, where it was warm and comfy, and had food whilst Jo and Lissa finished off the climb.

That is sooooooo reflective of my life as a whole! Go find the food and warmth rather than struggle an extra 10 metres for the sense of achievement.

So, I guess this is me stood near the cafe on top of my own personal Snowdon. I'm feeling pretty pleased with what I've done so far, but so far I haven't been able to find the path up that last bit. I keep starting the climb, but I need to watch where I put my feet, because one wrong step sends me sliding backwards.

And this is where the day-at-a-time, 100% committment comes in.

Although still occasionally putting a foot wrong, over the last couple of weeks I've been gradually re-introducing all the tricks dieters use to stay on track. Pots of sugar-free jelly in my desk at work and a bowl of it in the fridge at home. More fruit at work to snack on for low points. Turning down dinner invites and being more selfish about drinking something different to everyone else or turning down food.

Today's re-introduction is the self-bargain. I know I have a Pizza Express goody in the fridge which I want for dinner tonight. That's 10 points I need to leave. So this morning I've sacrificed my ritual morning (small, skinny) hot chocolate from the coffee shop and I've slimmed down my lunch.

The good thing with the self-bargain (which I'd forgotten) is that it's not straight-up denial, but a smug feeling of balancing some numbers to get an answer I like.

Last night was my job interview, and I think it went ok - I won't hear about second round recalls until the end of next week. I wanted something quick when I got home so went for pitta bread and humous and experimented with veg dipping options too. Peppers grilled on the George Foreman were pretty nice (although could maybe do with a little seasoning of some sort); raw cucumber I wasn't feeling so much - they can remain relegated to my sandwiches or salad.

I'm heading to another BBQ tomorrow, but this time it's a big one with lots of people and everyone brings their own food. I'm going to put together some chicken and veg skewers and a cold couscous, pasta or potato salad I think. That should keep me on track.

I've got a bit of clothing incentive too - next month I've got a wedding and black-tie event. I've got only one possible dress for the wedding at present and it's super-tight right now. I didn't have anything suitable for the black-tie do so I've taken a punt and bought a Coast dress on eBay. Both are size 14's which is my smaller size at the moment. Both could benefit with a few lbs gone. I'll put some pictures of the dresses up on here hopefully so we can see what I'm up against.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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Anonymous said...

Another analogy - I guess its like hitting the wall during a marathon?

I really like your self-bargaining - it shows that you can balance things out well and I hope you enjoyed your Pizza Express goodies!