Saturday, 12 June 2010

Running and chocolate

I did something I hadn't done in a very long time yesterday - I went for a run (well, yes, I know I don't do that often enough, but shhhhh, that wasn't the news!) ... on the hills!!! Yes, folks, I officially took it cross-country. Kind of.

After work, I spent a couple of hours with my dad in the afternoon (heroically resisting the offer of apricot pie - still thinking about that lovely pizza for tea), but my (yet again) homonally-crazed body was feeling tetchy and sore by the time I got home and I wanted to do SOMETHING to make it feel better.

I'd been debating the gym, but the sun was shining and it just seemed far too nice to be wasting an hour sweating it out and being bored indoors, so my eyes turned to the hills. One of the arguments I have always had with running is that I loathe running on the treadmill - BORING!!! But I'm not an enormous fan of pounding the pavements either. There's only so many times you can spot new and interesting things about the houses you're passing before they're boring too. On the other hand, up on the hills, the view is panoramic and ever-changing.

I don't think I really had much of an idea which route I was going to take until I was in the car on the short drive up to the car-parks, but I suddenly spotted the perfect starting point as I was driving and pulled in. A long, quiet, almost flat path that rolls along the side of hills for a couple of miles - awesome! (I'm also lucky enough to have a residents permit to park on the hills all year round and not have to pay the parking fees, which makes things easier.)

I set out just intending to run for 20 - 25 mins given I've not run much recently, but got cocky somewhere along the way and decided to go UUUUP the hills instead and run down (steep ..... climb ...... can't ..... breathe), and then ran straight past my proposed turning point because I still felt good.

You know what? I wasn't even the slowest runner out there! I overtook another woman on my way back, which then gave me added incentive to keep going right til the end.

Just over 5k in 40 mins - not particularly fast but I actually think it might be a PB for me! More to the point I actually really enjoyed it (as much as you can enjoy running), and it also meant I could have a cookie after my pizza for tea :-)

I met friends for a late drink after dinner as they'd been out for the meal I'd turned down earlier in the week. I didn't really want to drink so debated driving up to the pub, but I was feeling so full after my tea that I thought another little walk and some fresh air would do me some good.

It was nice to finish a Friday, which is usually one of my worst days in the week, on track, having had some food that I often consider forbidden.

Oh my God!!! I nearly forgot - excellent news for any chocolate lovers out there!!!! Green & Blacks have started doing variety packs of their chocolates as miniatures. All the best flavours individually wrapped. Whilst I appreciate that this is good news in itself for people like me who need someone else to deal with the portion control, that's not the best bit!! Guess how many points?? I was thinking 2, or more likely 3, for each mini bar. I pointed them last night to be sure - 1. 1 point each!!!!!! Yep, my new favourite treat is a measley one point a day!!! And there's 2 each of about 6 different flavoured in each box - whoooop!

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