Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quick catch up

Gaaah - where does the time go some weeks? I held off posting about the remaining weekend adventures because I wanted to do a proper post with photos, which means using my laptop at home. Have I had time for that?

Have I heck!!!

So instead, you, my lovely readers, get a picture free post in a grabbed 10 mins of lunchtime a la office.

I had an absolutely fab day at the beach on Monday with Jo and Lissa. We ended up going to Porthcaul in Wales, and while the rest of the Midlands suffered a grey and fairly dreary day, we frolicked in the sun under a blue sky.

We had a picnic, bought Jo all the tacky beach games we could find (as she was complaining that she'd forgotten the aerobie or any other games to play on the beach - she got a £1 kite, a little bucket and spade and one of the cool torpedo things you play catch with!), played with said games, broke said games, took some ace pictures of us monkeying round on the beach and trying to remember how to do the gymnastics of our pre-teen years - turns out that I CAN still do cartwheels - sort of, had a dirty burger, went to the funfair, felt incredibly sick after the funfair / dirty burger combo, went for a walk along the beach and round the headland, discovered that we were all quite badly sunburned because the sea-breeze had masked how strong the sun was, and finally ..... *deep breath* ... drove slowly and sleepily home. Very contentedly.

It was a wonderful day, and made better by the fact that I tracked all day and stayed on my points (I know!!! Even with the dirty burger!!).

So, the bank holiday endeth with me just 11 points over after a packed social schedule. Whooop!! Tracking on my iPhone sooooo helped me over the weekend.

I've been eating solidly on plan since as well, with interludes for a crazy week at work, another stupid run-in with the next door neighbour (really Sue? Really??? That's not too smart), and a trip to see the new Sex and the City film last night (much needed wind-down time after work).

Hopefully, I'm going to make my Body Combat class tonight if I can leave work in time, if not I'll try and fit some alternative movement and activity in.

The scales have so far (and finally) rewarded me with a healthy drop - I'm liking the number I saw this morning, but official weigh for this week isn't til tomorrow.

Preliminary plans for this weekend involve a bike ride on Saturday and a BBQ in the evening for a Costa Rica planning session. Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of a couple of weeks ago, I've said I'll bring food along and drink - I'm thinking veg skewers and chicken / fish kebabs, maybe some cold couscous, not too much bread, plenty of salad. Planning, baby, planning!

In other news I'm officially handing in my notice to work tomorrow to go travelling, and have an interview next week for a new job when I return. Now I just need to go buy a suit for the interview as I have absolutely zero suitable clothes that fit me in my wardrobe!

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Linz M said...

Sounds like a fab weekend! Great news about travelling, I am jealous!

Fingers crossed the scales show the loss tomorrow too. You sound like you are right back at it.

How the heck do you manage to blog from your iphone?? I got one yesterday and I cannot even send a text message on the bloody thing yet. I am presuming practice will make it easier!

Have a fab weekend x

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Good luck with the interview. Feel free to drop my name if you think it'll help. ;)

Lorr74 said...

You sound like you are vack on track, very impressive! So jealous of you going travelling, really fancied it when I was younger but a bit past it now! Have a fab weekend n good luck with the interview x

Nona said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!!! You sound in great spirits!!! Keep up the good work and good luck with the interview. How exciting that you have a trip coming up!!!