Sunday, 30 May 2010

So far, so good

At the beginning of the week I mentioned that I was going to try tracking on the notes application on my mobile phone. The idea being that if I could get in the habit of tracking on the phone I might be able to tackle my chaotic approach to the weekends.

So all week, I've been quietly building a new habit of tracking during the day on my phone, and then transferring it to my online tracker in the evening. Yesterday was therefore the first test to see how it would work for me, away from my structured days in the office and evenings at home.

And the verdict? So far, so good. We spent yesterday at the Guardian Literary Festival in Hay-on-Wye. Normally, as much as I enjoy these fun days out, they are a nightmare for me in terms of food. Out all day, limited options on healthy food, but all the opportunities in the world to eat tastey but bad food.

It really helped to have something on hand where I could just discreetly note everything down and keep a running total. I like that, as an iPhone user, people are used to me fiddling around on it all the time, so nobody is any the wiser that I'm actually tracking my food. I know it's stupid, but although I'm not ashamed of my dieting, I don't want it constantly on view to my friends.

Anyhoo, it did make things easier, and I could make more conscious choices. Even to the point where when I picked out my lunch, I stopped to check calories and sat fat, and didn't dump the whole pot of dressing on my salad.

I won't deny that I was a few points over my the end of the day, but I felt in control and I knew that everything I'd chosen to have was worth it and much appreciated. And to be fair any day when you finish 7 points over but manage to have incorporated cake, champagne, and other such niceties is a good one.

Today I'm still feeling comfortably control - I'm actually currently lying on a blanket in the park listening to the weekly brass band concert. I'm on track to save a few points - mostly because I cooked a big vat of homemade minestrone soup last night and I've avoided the usual icecream in the park today.

Other than that - yesterday was lovely if a little more rainy and overcast than we'd have liked. We saw some interesting talks by Bill Bryson and Quentin Blake, who was drawing characters from the Roald Dahl books as he went along on the overhead projectors. We also spotted quite a few famous folks round the place like John Snow, Rob Brydon and Kirsty Allsop, and generally had fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to the beach for the day with Jo and Lissa.

More later!

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Nona said...

Well done on tracking on the iphone. Can't wait until I earn one of those. I notice that you blog from yours as well. That is just so cool.