Sunday, 9 May 2010

So far, so good

My good, lovely, darling readers ....

Could it be? Could it possibly be? Is this thing, I am currently experiencing, that holy grail known to some as "a weekend on plan"????

Surely not!!!!

And yet, here I am, on a Sunday afternoon, sitting in my biking clothes, having just been out for a lovely 2 hour jaunt round the local lanes (clocking up a reasonable 17 miles along the way).

More to the point, we went out for drinks on Friday night, and had a film-night with take-away and ice-cream last night, and I'm only 7 points over for the whole weekend so far.

Will wonders never cease?????

I definitely noticed the improvement in my stamina out on my bike today - I was actually cycling for 1 hour 40 mins, as I'd stopped by the river for a banana, and then swung by my dad's house on the way home, only to find he'd inconveniently decided to go out, but I felt fairly rested for most of the ride, and it only started to tell a bit in the last couple of miles, when I did the long slog back up on to the hills. I wasn't super-fast admittedly (it works out to a shade over 10mph on average), but I was comfortable and enjoying the scenery, and my average heartrate was only at the 130 marker - with stats like that the exercise just turns into a pleasant experience, and you don't notice the calories being burned, or muscles being used. Just the way I like it really!

It would be quite interesting to know how different that ride would feel on a road-bike, because obviously my mountain bike isn't really designed for road riding, but just for the moment, I don't do enough of it to justify another bit of shiny kit, so I use what I have access to.

Right - I'd best go have a shower and make myself presentable - catch you later!

p.s. this will be 5 days on track today - possibly pretty much the longest I've managed since Xmas since my weekends keep getting in the way ... looking good so far!