Thursday, 20 May 2010

Reason no. 343 to lose weight:


I am therefore enormously grateful that I am no doubt far more comfortable than I would have been either this time last year or the year before, but not as good as I could be yet.

I went for a run last night to boost my points, since lunch had used up more that I'd expected .... Jesus - I need to run more often as I had stitch most of the way round. I do like the fact that it's a relatively time efficient workout though. Now if only my belly didn't jiggle as much when I ran, I'd cut a much more dashing figure. Well, not so much dashing really, as slowly and tediously jogging, but you get the gist.

Still doing my best to make each day as good as I can manage, and for the most part I'm winning ... so if the damn scales would like to acknowledge that, even the teensiest bit, that would be just peachy.

I guess I can take solace from the fact that the scales are at least bouncing around the low end of my current range, rather than the high end, but damn me if they're not in a hurry to go anywhere. I wouldn't mind if they'd just step down a couple of lbs and then hang around there for a bit, but SOMETHING would be nice!!

Got to try and cram in a (no doubt very hot and sweaty) Body Combat class this evening, as well collection of brownie ingredients and some swift baking, as I'm providing dessert for a girls' lunch tomorrow.

Weekend plans are all up in the air again, and bizarrely the guy I like in my office bought me lunch today (yeah, I'm not quite sure what happened there either), but don't go getting all excited and reading anything significant into that shit, as I'm not.

Right, kids, got to shoot as I have a meeting now.

Later, dudes!

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