Saturday, 8 May 2010

3 days back on track and counting

Morning boys and girls,

I feel like some member of an alchoholics anonymous meeting - I have now been clean for 3 days and counting .... except it's food not alcohol that's my problem!

Anyhoo, yep - 3 days of good eating after the disaster that was the Bank Holiday weekend, and as always, as soon as I'm back on it, I feel much better. I'm taking it fairly easy on myself so far - I'm easing back into it, not being ridiculously strict, but that seems to work better for me - I might end up the odd point over here or there, which slows things down a little perhaps, but it stops me derailing and having a toddler tantrum because I can't have something when I want it.

Not a lot of exercise has happened this week so far, as it's been an absolutely manic week at work, and I gave blood on Thursday which meant I couldn't do my usual Body Combat class in the evening, so I've been concentrating on getting "incidental" exercise instead - just walking to local things instead of automatically getting in the car - out to the library, into town, to polling station to vote - that kind of thing. I also turned down two invitations to eat out last night, for the twin good reasons, that I'm feeling pretty poor, but also that restaurants are the quickest way I know of for me to fall off the wagon. Best avoided if possible!

So - this is a weekend post, and I won't ramble - but I did promise some photos to catch you up on what I've been up to recently. I definitely notice that I feel far more comfortable with how photos of me look these days.

Picnic stop on a 10 mile walk to Ledbury in March:

Group shot on the same walk, at the top of the North Hill:

A sunny Sunday afternoon walk with Bridget on the hills (we've said we're going to be doing lots more of these this year - very pleasant to gossip and get fresh air at the same time ... and the obligatory ice-cream at the end, guilt-free!):

Another weekend, another 12-miler - this time with a few extra added hills:

On Adam's leaving do from work in Cheltenham, after an afternoon at the horse-races:

Bridget and Hannah on the foot-bridge to Barmouth, on B's birthday weekend in Wales:

Getting ready to go biking at Machynlleth on the same weekend - the weekend of my first ever black run!

Yep - there's been some of this too - looking extra sweaty after last week's Body Combat class - 620 calories zapped in an hour, and a lot of excess frustration and tension got rid of:

A weekend's gentle stroll on the hills - a pleasant 2 hours, and 5 miles, exploring some of the quieter trails on the hills:

Some of the locals I met along the way (how cute at these pretty ladies?):

Playing around with the light and shadows on the beach in Wales:

Working the camera, baby, on Jo's birthday night out!!

Monkeying around on the Clent hills on Lissa's birthday adventure - another day, another 12 miles on foot - and it's getting easier:

No birthday outing is complete without a champagne picnic!

There seems to have been a lot of this recently - I blame Jo! A night out on the cocktails and shots, in Cheltenham last week - this is where a weekend goes wrong!

So there we are - something of a whistle-stop tour through the last 2 months or so! Lots of good times. I'm going to be spending this weekend, concentrating more on the getting out for fresh-air and less of the drinking / eating out.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Zanna, travelling tart said...

Beautiful photos - and some fantastic ones of you - you're looking wonderful. Well done on being back on the wagon - hang on tight!! Zxx

Joanne said...

Some fantastic photos!
It's strange i was telling my husband how i feel so much better when i eat healthy but i soon forget that when i fall off the wagon, if only i could work out and explain the madness.
You can bet your bottom dollar i'll do it again though!
Well done for getting back on track and long may it last.