Thursday, 13 May 2010


I've been a-experimenting in the kitchen this evening - oh my lord, do I love my new toy!!

So - what I have purchased is a Kenwood Smoothie-2-Go. It cost an extortionate £20 - yep, ridiculously cheap, I agree.

This is my little baby set up to play in the kitchen. It's very compact in size, with a really nice solid feeling base with little gripper feet to stop it sliding around. So far, so good.

Not being the owner of any smoothie recipes, I sort of lobbed a couple of handfuls of stuff in the cup and gave it a whirl. Literally.

It's flaming powerful, and just chomped through the frozen mango with no sweat, and came up with a lovely smooth consistency.

This one is strawberry, banana, mango, just a touch of low fat vanilla icecream and a bit of apple juice to thin it. And a little taste test ...


I think there will be many more yummy smoothies ahead!

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Nona said...

LOL!!! Love this with the photos!!!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

so funny :) love the thumbs up piccy