Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A narrow escape

Everything went quite well yesterday, in terms of food - I found I'd barely used my points by the end of the working day, due to cereal for breakfast and homemade soup for lunch, which left me free to indulge in something tastey, but ordinarily too high in points, for tea. The only problem was that I couldn't make up my mind what that was going to be!

Anyway, before I could get to teatime, I had a meeting after work with my recruitment consultant to discuss my job search for September. Admittedly, I'm still a little panicky about the whole money situation whilst I'm off travelling for a month, but I felt better after a positive discussion, that I shouldn't be jobless for too long at least.

Anyway - having the meeting at 5.30pm, I had assumed that I would miss my spinning class at 7, but it ended up that I was home 20 mins before class, so just had time to run down there. Imagine the irony then, that I had made it but the instructor hadn't as he was stuck in traffic! Luckily, one of the super-fit regulars stepped up to the plate, and with the gym's permission granted, we had an impromptu session. And my god, if it wasn't harder than normal!!!

During the class I got chatting to the girl next to me, Sandra, who I happen to know rides with the group I was meant to go out with on Sunday. Well, it turns out it's a good job I didn't! Apparently, they're ridiculously fast and quite often don't wait for stragglers, so if you're at the back you can just get left behind! Rubbish! Thank god that didn't happen to me.

On the upside, Sandra is keen to start a slower (and possibly girls only ride) in a couple of weeks time once she's got some exams out the way, and said to keep an eye on the website for tlonger longer ride, more relaxed pace and a focus on building confidence and skills. In other words - perfect! I shall definitely be looking out for that!

After class, and a check-in phone call with Jo about the coming weekend, it was back to trying to decide what to eat. Could I make my mind up??? Could I hell!!

I ended up grabbing a shower and some clean clothes and jumping in the car to try and find a supermarket still open at 9pm so I could satisfy my craving scampi - worth it in the end, but I ended up not eating til after 10 which I hate. At least the dreaded takeaway was avoided though.

Mind you, I then went to bed far too late after a long heart-to-heart online with a friend in London. They were trying to persuade me to move back down there, or at least move away from Malvern and make a fresh start, and the longer I think about this, the more I wonder if it's what I need to do for me. No idea, but I'm feeling pretty trapped at the moment.

That aside, I'm trying hard to avoid the amazing shortbread that someone's bought into the office today, and not to obsess over the guy in my office who I like but am too shy to do anything about - curses on my lack of self-esteem! So life as usual really!

More anon, beloved followers of my chaos!

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Nona said...

I'm loving reading your blog. Your life sounds so juicy. LOL!!!

Stay away from the shortbread but do say hi to the guy!!! :)