Thursday, 27 May 2010

A bit of love for me

Is it wrong for me to say I LOVE my legs today?

I don't know, and I'm not sure of the etiquette on these things, but I'm going to say it anyway:

I super love how my legs look today :-)

Maybe it's the additional bit of colour they have after the sunny weekend (in shorts no less! SHORT shorts!). Maybe it's the shape and definition that continues to change slowly (a combination of running, cycling and body combat is fabulous for your calves). Maybe it's the new shoes and favourite skirt I'm wearing today (with a proper tucked in shirt for a change - I've totally started wearing more girly clothes these days). Anyhoo, I feel good.

I was a bit gutted last night, that when it came round to the evening, both Bridget's meeting ran over and the heavens opened, so the walk got cancelled. Booooooooo. But we've rescheduled to catch up tonight after our respective classes - Body Combat for me and Balance for B. Mmmmmm - bring on the sweat!

Without anything to do last night I cooked a simple tea and flaked on the couch. Always nice so I wasn't complaining. Besides - I kind of like sitting comfortably inside listening to rain pattering in the trees outside through the open windows - only beaten by lying in bed listening to it!

Sorry, I think the point I was trying to make there, before I got distracted, was my simple tea. I've noticed that when I'm eating well and on plan, my food gets simpler. It's like my tastebuds get more sensitive the less crap I eat, and the plain stuff like a grilled chicken breast, a jacket potato and some peas and sweetcorn tastes fab.

In between watching a bit of tv, and enjoying my tea and the sound of the rain, I read some more of the wise words of Ms Beenie - almost makes me want to dive back into the world of dating and try again. Or at least, have a slightly higher opinion of myself and not feel I should be less picky as some of my friends tell me I should be.

What??? I can't help having high standards!

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Linz M said...

Not wrong at all, good on ya - I so wish I could say the same about mine!!

With regards to dating - definitely don't be less picky, what is the point in settling for something? You are fab, so have more confidence and go after what you want :)

Jaframity said...

Nothing could possibly be wrong about liking what you see - even if the feeling does weird you out. :)

As Linz says, never settle for less. All you would ever notice would be the bits that don't come up to scratch. All the bits, not just those ones! Ooo-err!

Nona said...

What??? Of course it isn't wrong!!! Love those legs and every bit of your fabulous self. Have a high opinion of yourself is very healthy ... I'm not talking conceit, I'm talking self-love. If you start from that place you'll attract someone who is worthy of you. Settling is so not an option.