Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gadgetry ..... ooooooh ....

Hey, what's up, troopers?

Me? What's up in my world? Not a damn lot. The eating is still pretty much on plan (I know, I know - over a week now!), so there's not a lot to be said there, and I've got Body Combat tonight to kick my arse.

The little bastards that reside in the corner of my bathroom and cause me so much pain (that's my scales to you) have finally started to very, very slowly meander back in the right direction. One day I'll actually crack through that stupid barrier of 12st 10lbs that I've been swearing about since skiing - one day, but I'm not quite there yet.

I've had a bit of a cold coming on for the last couple of days, which bizarrely seemed to completely kill my appetite yesterday. I normally eat quite a few (healthy) snacks during the day at work, but I barely needed any of them yesterday. I kept going to eat something out of habit before realising there was no need. This was good though as it meant I had plenty of points to spare for dinner at my dad's last night so I could have comforting pasta amd 2 little brownie bites without worrying.

I was quite excited to day to see this at lunch while I was shopping - a half wrap with salad - tasty and healthy!!! I mean it looks nice doesn't it??

And the verdict?? Sadly, a resounding "Meh!". The wrap part was nice enough - chilli beef - although a tad heavy on the sour cream for my tastes, but the salad was plain nasty!! The rice was hard and freezing cold, like it had been frozen and only partially defrosted, and the rest of it managed to be tasteless, and in the case of the piri-piri dressing both tasteless and hot. And for the same points I could have had a much nicer wrap or sandwich from Boots or home.

Better luck next time Sainsburys!!!

BUT - Sainsburys did come up trumps on something else. I've been experimenting with smoothies and juices at home the last week or so and I'm really liking them. My baby blender, that is part of my handheld blender kit, doesn't quite cut it, so I was looking for something a bit stronger. I found the best thing ever!!! It's a smoothie-maker / juicer that blends the drink straight into a sealable travel mug so you can go straight out the door in the morning!! How awesome is that?

No more making too much, or extra washing up, and it comes with a second cup if you want more than one - I'm totally excited to try this when I get home! :-)

Of course, my poor flatmate's going to hate me if I make smoothies before 7 in the morning to take to work! Lol.

I'll have an experiment this evening and post up my findings!!! I've got bananas, strawberries, mango, apples, etc at home, plus skim milk, low fat natural yoghurt and low fat vanilla ice-cream. I tried banana, vanilla and cinnamon the other day which was lovely, but super thick!

Anyone got any suggestions for healthy or just tasty combos???

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