Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Swimming and flirting

Oh my lord - I'm totally stuffed at the moment! Innocent Veg Pots do a rather tastey mushroom risotto which was easy to grab for lunch today and now I'm muchly full. I love that I can be totally, satisfyingly full and on plan.

As promised I went for a swim last night. I blitzed my errands on the way home (bank, parking pass for the hills renewed, Fat Face sale raided - another cute short skirt, good jeans and a totally lush knit waistcoat bought - and a health-conscious trip to the supermarket), had dinner, walked round to the library to return some books, before burrowing round through my room to try and find my swim goggles.

It occurred to me (when I couldn't think where on earth my goggles were) that it must be at least 6 months since I last went swimming - tragic! I love that I can leave my flat on foot at 5 past 9 and be changed and in the pool by 9.15 ... so I'm not sure why it's so long since I last hit the pool.

Given my lengthy absence I though I'd take it easy and just go for a nice round 40 lengths at a steady speed. Actually, that felt really easy, and I probably would have stayed to do more but I fancied 5 mins in the sauna and a leisurely change afterwards. So 1km swum in 30 mins - not too shabby.

On the downside of life - because there always is one - the guy I liked at work, and thought just might have reciprocated a bit of my interest? TOTALLY going out with another girl from work, and I was the only one who didn't know. Shows you how faulty my radar is, doesn't it?

I can't read the signs, miss then when they are there, and apparently imagine them when they're not. Kind of embarrassing as I'd been saying to him how much I find clingy new couples annoying, and he'd been kindly agreeing with me .... but is in a new relationship himself. Ach .... bury head in the sand time. I give up, since I only seem to embarrass myself.

Better to know now I guess than embarrass myself properly later!

Better go and finish reading Sarah Beenie's book on flirting and dating (her off Property Ladder on the tv, and owner of the mysinglefriend website) and see if I can get a clue!

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Linz M said...

I love those veg pots too :)

Total bummer about the guy, I have always been crap myself at reading signs and all that - I am sure life should be a lot more straightforward than having to work that sort of stuff out.

I could say "plenty more fish" or something equally as unhelpful, so I won't, but you get what I mean.


Peridot said...

Damn, I missed the Fat Face sale. Actually, it's something I wouldn't buy when I was fatter - I felt that since I DID have a fat face, why would I advertise the fact?

Guy was probably still flirting with you, sadly. You know what (some) men are like....


Nona said...

We've all been there little Miss. Don't feel badly. Maybe there's someone better around the corner but you don't know he's coming.

I love swimming, but hate getting wet unless it's 30 C and the sun is blazing.