Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Screw you, Scales!

ALSO ENTITLED: sometimes my body talks to me, and occasionally, I listen.

So far, so good on this plan of attack for the next couple of days. My eating yesterday was stellar ... and unexpectedly small. I'd had about 10 points of my allotted 21 by the time I left work yesterday. Ultra-low point food and me being careful saw me through the day, as I was intending to save my maximum allowed 4 points for the day.

As intended, I got home, pulled on my running gear and ventured out into the still warm evening to stetch my legs on the hills. I thought I'd try a new route and keep it varied, so as I reached my halfway point along the East side of the hills, I crossed the ridgeline and tried to find a route back on the West.

Somebody call me a dumb-ass please, as I should know from my biking on the hills, that the path I took goes DOOOOOOOOWN. Easy running as I dropped lower and lower, but always aware that what goes down has to come back UP again.

Still, I told myself I could walk if I needed to. Better than that though - I walked a few sections but ran all that I could, and I'm really quite proud of myself. Not that my couple of 100m ascending / descending is anything compared to what some of you guys run - but it's a lot for me - and I know when to award myself a pat on the back. Just under 6k of rolling (and occasionally steep) hills in 45 mins.

After my run, I found mself totally unenthusiastic about food. I don't know whether it was the heat, the later time or just a side-effect of running, but food wasn't appealing. I compromised by cooking a healthy dinner of venison grills (super-low fat and tastey) and veg in a tomato sauce (I gave up on carbs though - that wasn't happening) and told myself I'd have a dessert to take me up to my minimum points limit for the day. Again, my body said "no, don't want it" and I just shrugged and gave up. No point forcing it.

So I ended the day on a total of 14 points and a good run.

Are the scales down this morning? Are they hell!!

2lbs up.

Screw 'em.

Dinner's picked out for tonight - we're eating Mexican, so I'm staying off the fajitas / enchiladas / deadly diet-killing dishes and have picked Cajun swordfish with veg from the menu. Sorted.

Catch ya later, dudes.

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

i'm having the same problem! scales won't budge and on average im only losing 1 lb a month! boo!