Thursday, 10 June 2010

Slightly depressed

I have discovered two things in the last couple of weeks, as I've renewed my efforts to get out of this 6 month rut I've been in.

1) Despite all my growing paranoia of the previous 6 months Weight Watchers does still work for me when I do it properly.

2) The minute I stray from sticking to Weight Watchers 100% my weight bounces back up and I have to start over again.

100%. That's a big ol' number. And it's my downfall at the moment.

You see, I've never really stuck to the plan 100% right from the beginning. 80 or 90% maybe, but if you looked back over the history of my tracking you'd be hard-pressed to find a perfect week. When I started out it didn't matter though - I guess with so much to lose I had a bit of leeway on what I could eat, and so I lost steadily anyway. Sadly, that now seems to be history.

Take the last two weeks for example: 2 working weeks and 1 weekend of systematic stellar eating, and I finally manage to get the scales down to 12st 8.5lbs - I'd cracked that stupid 12 st 10lb barrier that's held me back for so long!!! Then this weekend I was 12 points over - straight back up to 13st. There is absolutely no tolerance between my body and my diet anymore for straying off plan.

And that's the crux of the problem. I desperately want to finish this thing off, and it seems the only way to do that is to stick to it absolutely 100% with no deviations at all. I wasn't even able to do that in the beginning when I had an extra 5 points a day!

On the positive side I'm more in the zone now than I have been for months. And I know that it does work when I stick to it properly as I've seen that recently.

One day at a time and tracking on the move helps. BBQs are the devil if I'm not paying attention. Weekends CAN be done if I exercise a bit of willpower.

This week as per usual I'm back on it and shooting back for that elusive 12st 8.5lb I saw at the end of last week - if I got there last week I can do it again.

On the downside we had a health fair at work yesterday and I went to get my BMI and my blood pressure checked - my blood pressure is in the optimum zone these days but the lady said I had to get down to 11 stone to even get into the top end of my healthy BMI. WTF???? I'm just shooting for 11st 6 at the moment which I thought was where I needed to be. 11 flat though? That's a very low weight for me (a stone lower than the lightest I can ever remember being, even at school) and that's barely at the top of the healthy weight range. I'm not sure I'm actually built to get that light.

Ah well - that's a long way from where I am now, so I guess I'll tackle that one when I get there.

Back to being good for today for me.

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Lexie said...

Good luck in being good! xxx

Tina xx said...

I think you and I are in exactly the same boat. I could have written every word myself and we are even at exactly the same weight...spooky !! lol
I too have been struggling for months. I started at 18st 12 and lost 7 stone without too much problem. In fact I hit the 7 stone mark just before christmas. After christmas and into the new year I had gained about 7 pounds taking me to 12 st 5 lbs. I have now gained another 8 pound after my holiday and all this week the scales have said bang on 13st !!! I have therefore gained 16 pounds since christmas eve, and I so badly want it off again, and my weight just aint going nowhere. Ive been almost saintly this week, with one blip, but still the scales refuse to budge. This last 6 months has been a real struggle. To think I was 11st 12lb at christmas is just a dream to me again right now. So wish I could shake this off again. Im hanging in there, and Im 99% in the zone, but Im feeling just like you right now. Just dont give up hunnie, because I refuse to, no matter how hard this is..... I refuse to gain anymore !! x

Bella said...

Way back when, I was told by a very well known weight loss organisation that I should be aiming for 45kg (tiny). Now even though I was only a teenager, I was 175cm tall, and 45kg was never going to happen for me!!!

Turns out you can't put too much stock in the figures you are told by some 'professionals'. I know it did my head in, thinking that I was THAT overweight... turns out now that I WISH I only weighed as much as I did then...

Go for your goal weight and then see how things look :)

Lor said...

same boat! it is SO frustrating! hang in there!!

trio said...

Personally I would say go for dress size not weight. I am overweight according to my BMI - I don't think I am though. Part of it is muscles from evercise but the other part is my build. I think people should be careful what they say and look at people, that is a better judge of being overweight!

Good luck with being good, I find it impossible!